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    Soory if this is out of place, if so please remove. Felt that so many folks here shared so much with us awhile back when we talked about our son Aidan, that I had to show this. Mostly a thank you to the many comments received by folks here. Business Journal Daily.com filmed and has on their site some interviews and film of Aidans sled hockey team. Along with it is two brothers Aidan and Bowden (twins of course)and Shane Our 13 year old son. These boys have played hockey together for years and their family is top notch, are now helping the team out
    http://businessjournaldaily. com/

    on several times, , think the first is 1min 8 sec


    Is this it Ed?

    Akron, OH

    That link isn’t working for me Ed.


    Is this it Ed?

    <figure class=”oe-video-container”><iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/184376430?theme=none&wmode=opaque&#8221; width=”770″ height=”433″ frameborder=”0″ title=”BUZZSEPT26_2016ARCHIVE” webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=””></iframe></figure>

    Thanks Kevin, thats it


    @Warren6810, sorry, me and computers…. water and vineger. Think Kevin got it righ

    Rogers, Ohio

    That is an awesome news clip Ed!


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    @Siberian excellent news clip, that’s great for Aidan. Will be checking into this more.

    Thanks Kevin for the clip.

    Honolulu,, Hi.

    That a great group doing that for the disabled. We have a group like that here that takes them surfing.


    Thanks Kevin, thats it

    No prob Ed.

    That kind of stuff makes heros of everybody when people get together to make those things happen for them. Right on! 👍

    Etobicoke, ON

    Great news article ED.
    ThanX for sharing.

    My daughter is part of a bowling league for physically and intellectually challenged kids/adults and has been for almost 20 years.

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    Thanks for sharing that, Ed.

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    Really nice post Ed! It amazing to see the people who take time out of their busy lives to help others. Always enjoy reading these posts

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    Thanks for the news clip Ed. It’s great what ASPO is doing.


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    great news clip and its good that there are people to help with these activities.


    @siberian excellent news clip, that’s great for Aidan. Will be checking into this more.

    Thanks Kevin for the clip.

    Nice play on words Brian, like the use of the word checking, spoken like a true hockey player


    @utopia78, thanks Chris. Means quite a bit, you are a class act yourself

    , Thanks Ron, that means alot coming from a man of your caliber.

    , TY, This is a great goup and we really appreciate what they do

    @58 Chev, That is awesome and a blessing. We hope to say the same thing 18years from now

    , thanks for getting the thread right, and for the pm, you are 100% right, there are some good folks on this site

    , words won’t be able to give you enough thanks for the inspiration you have given us. Thank you.

    , you and your wife are incredible! Although time together has been minimal, impact from both of you has been huge with us

    Sorry if I missed folks, I’m beat. Can not tell you how powerful this group has been in so many folks lives. And to think the folks running it started it for a son that they adopted. Worked 13 years without getting a penny from it.Great people in our opinion

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