Anyone solve an iron ochre issue?

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    water seepage along basement floors/walls; drain tile collects reddish sludge (iron ochre)

    Steps I’ve taken:
    New gutters with extended downspouts
    Replaced sagging concrete around foundation
    Spray out drain tile every few months

    This issue has been going on since I owned the house (3 years). I began by hiring a drain cleaning company to professionally clean the drain tile. A year later when I called they didn’t want to spray it again, because they worried that to frequent high pressure spraying might cause more dirt to fill the holes in the drain. My sump runs every few minutes when the tile is clean, slightly less when the sludge starts impacting the flow. I’ve talked to both city and county drain offices and they tell me it’s the water table. I don’t have an obvious outrageous water bill or anything. The water itself is clear water in the drain.

    My observations: 1. The rate of water flowing is the main cause here, but after conversations with local officials, I don’t believe I have remedy. What can you do about ground water 8ft below surface?
    2. After much research, I haven’t found a solution to kill this iron bacteria. I have only been managing it by flushing the drain. This seems to becoming less effective. I’ve experimented with vinegar mixes and pool shock, with no luck.
    3. This is really a pain in the A$$

    I’ve thought about building a plumbing system in the tile to more easy flush it, pvc hose with holes drilled. I worry that this would just be another impediment to the natural water flowing towards the sump.

    I’m interested in any experience with this or similar. What chemicals are out there? Has anyone actually replaced their foundation backfill with clean dirt? I need a solution, just managing this would be a lifetime of upkeep, not to mention reducing my resell value.

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