Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

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    I need a good recommendation for top quality anti-fatigue floor mats for my workshop. I want to set a few up at my most used stationary tools and my assembly table.

    I know office Max sells some but they seem cheap.

    Any ideas?

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com


    Interesting can’t help you there. Online maybe


    Rob, I’ve used the mats that Lee Valley sells and they are good quality.


    I don’t use anti-fatigue mats anymore because my new shop has a wood framed floor with a layer of 1 1/2″ rigid insulation on top and then 5/8″ plywood on top of that. It’s a fantastic floor for the feet and back and any occasional dropped tools.



    halifax, nova scotia


    try a gym supplier, they sell rubber mats for setting weights down on. they work great for anti fatigue.. costco sometimes sells them also

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    Good idea Jeff.
    There’s a gym close by.


    I have some from HD, but they are thin. They are holding up well though and suffice. Difficult to vac clean though because the vac sucks it right up.

    If you have a Dick’s sporting goods, they have thicker ones. A pretty inexpensive anti fatigue mat system. I HAD to get some last year. It was the final straw. My whole body was killing me. As soon as I put them down….booyah.


    Kent – were the mats you are talking about for gym flooring?

    John S

    Honesdale, PA

    I think Dan is really a sales Rep for LEE Valley. haha


    lol wind time back 9 years Brian and you would be right. Now they just take all my money when I buy my tools and supplies there. If only I still had my employee discount!




    haha we have a spy amongst us!

    John S


    shhhh don’t tell anyone! 😛




    Not certain John. What would be the difference? It’s those interlocking types, just like all the others on the market. My wife bought a small section years ago and I have those in front of my jointer. Those work awesome compared to the HD ones. A little stiffer, but much easier to use a vac on.


    I have some 1/2 inch rubber mats that really help with foot and back pain

    Belgrave, Ontario , Canada

    I get my mats from TSC stores They use them on farms for animals but they work well in my shop too .


    I had a few sections of the ones HD sells, Durable and easy to keep clean but I didn’t think they were very good for anti-fatigue. Too hard. And without the ramp shaped edging they were a tripping hazard

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