Additional Redemption!

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    Kamloops, BC

    Here’s a couple more from this morning.

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    Kamloops, BC

    I’m not sure about how the shower operates, and our team ended up opting out of the tile install.
    The HO’s are happy with the choices and I’m looking forward to getting the final pics when it’s 100% complete.

    Lurking Hit and Run poster.


    Looks great!

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    This is coming out really, really nice!! I love the shower – thought about those types of heads when I was doing mine, but opted for a traditional one. Love the details and color scheme.

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    What a fantastic project!! It is looking sweet! I like the doors and trim details.


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    Man that one is really starting to shape up and look good. Some nice trim work and some puddy and paint and she looking good!!


    That is really impressive Adam!

    Kamloops, BC

    To all of you here at BTP, thanks.
    I appreciate the comments, and I’m glad you could all see this project come together (albeit, slowly).
    I for one am a little disappointed that it’s nearly done, but am glad as well. These homeowners deserve to be in their newly transformed space, and I need to evaluate everything that happened here to be ready for the next time.
    I believe the final update by me to this thread will be the finished pics.
    Thanks again.

    Lurking Hit and Run poster.

Viewing 8 posts - 181 through 188 (of 188 total)
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