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    MOD NOTE: Restored/Approved from a late AUG post.

    Today was the first time I got to use my Makita 18V powered wheelbarrow/carrier with its wheelbarrow component to haul a bunch of FREE 3/4 stone fill the guys dropped in my driveway who are doing the watermain work replacement for having gouged my driveway where they shouldn’t have over a week ago.

    I didn’t use a threat of reporting their mishap to get this favour, but they knew they had done that a week or so ago and when I asked if they had any spare stone, they suggested to go grab whatever I needed from one of the piles of it dumped on our street.

    But I said it would not be proper to do so with prying neighbor eyes watching their tax dollars go in my backyard like that despite them telling me people do it all the time right in front of their eyes.

    Instead, the guys said they would dump loads of it as I could haul away in my driveway with the Bobcat/SkidSteer bucket. I was cool with that never mind any patch or cut and fill of the quarter inch deep gouge the size of a small Frisbee in my driveway from a tractor thread would be worse anyways in the long run than just letting it fade in over time with the rest of the less than 5 year old driveway we have.

    I had no intention of calling about this mishap and told them so. The crew and I have been getting quite friendly over the last few momths they’ve been here. These guys work like a well tuned clock and I’ve been really respecting their talents and work ethics.

    This is not the the first materials favour I get from this job although it was from a different group early in the go with getting spare water main components so I can do a temp extended gutter drain line in my backyard for a temporary construction phase issue I have, but that’s another story. OK, so here it is anyways….

    In short, I previously got 50-60 feet of heavy duty 4 inch flex line of temp water main line in roughly 20 foot segmemts I duct taped together with all weather Gorilla tape to run water to the back of my property than have it flood out of my gutter into near house temporary current depressions and other areas that excess water would be an issue and also avoids alternates that would have ended up draining onto my neighbors property.

    The guys gave me stuff that had overly rusted/twisted connectors that they were gonna trash the entire line and connectors and all, so it’s not like they were taking anything away from anybody but the local landfill. I simply used my big 18V Bosch recip to remove most of the bad rusted iron connectors shy of where they met internally in the heavy duty thick rubbery flex line.

    Back to the Makita motorized 18B unit.

    Replacing the carrier cage configuration on the motorized Makita unit to the bucket set up was a breeze. Took more time setting up than the actual 5-10 minute work to swap them out with the wing nuts for each respective attachment. The frame design of the unit was such that your fingers were not encumbered at all in doing this semi-blind feeling your way with just your fingers underneath out of sight fastening the wing nut bolts to harness the bucket. The carrier cage components removed store altogether nicely on a couple of ceiling joist big J hooks in my shed out of the way at the ready for another day when I need to switch back to them.


    Last Friday I saw on the floor at Princess Auto (our version of Harbour Freight here in Canada), a four wheel designed gas powered Chinese knock-off of my Makita unit but with only the carrier cage configuration. They wanted way more than my Makita at over $1,400, and sorry, but I’d be hesitant on it being gas powered to boot. Just the thought of standing behind it suckin’ back the fumes truly is not appealing to me. I think I took some pics on my phone that I’ll post later on that possibly. The Makita has no isssues under full load at 260 lbs of any difficulties or differences in speed under full load.

    But back again to the Makita and its performance today.

    It was awesome. In using the carrier cage with heavy loads, it was a bit of a challenge at times negotiating at an angle to get over terrain travelling over patio stone edges for it not to potentially tip over. Not nearly so much with the bucket attachment.

    While I didn’t take loads in the bucket beyong being half or a little more filled, it seemed to have much less of an issue with it being prone to any tippiness. In fact, after a few trips I was getting fairly aggresive in travelling over those humps at an angle as was required in my travels to and forth from my driveway to my backyard. My backyard is a hodge podge of temporary steeping areas of all sorts of stuff of amenable materials right now due to ongoing construction.

    The bucket tipping mechanism on the Makita with its bucket accesory is superb. Release the lock down latch; push the tubular bar handle that comprises the rack that holds the bucket forward that is on a pivot hinged to the wheel assembly area; effortlessly pop up the whole forward bucket assembly unit on its rear hind wheels (wheelie) 0to dump the remnants that didn’t slide out of the bucket on their own; and lean forward to grab the bar and bring the empty bucket back to be relatched down for the next load. You do all this from the same position you are in drive mode.

    Just pure design genius from Makita along with other design features I won’t mention here that I’ve extolled before in this thread many months ago using it solely in its cage carrier configuration, but the bucket config tops it even moreso in its design!




    At $1,200 CAD roughly with only either the bucket or the carrier, this isn’t for everybody. As some may recall, I shouted my glee on the forum last year when the Makita service center and Canadian Head Office near me had a trade show only used by reps unit they sold me for around $800 with BOTH the bucket and carrier cage included. I couldn’t be happier on that dole out of moneys. At the time, I only thought I’d want the bucket config, but since I’ve had it, I’ve only used the cage carrier til today. Go figure eh!

    My only mini qualms today are on two things. The 3/4 I’m getting for free is not clear. It has all sorts of mini aggregate and aggregate dirt/dust. Bloody dusty shovelling that stuff in Humidex near 40 Celcius weather today. Doesn’t matter as I’m simply dumping this where a deck will be built where piers are already and this area is currently used as my temporary ‘lumber yard’ presently. Just nice that when it’s otherwise muddy there it won’t be with spreading this there. But that has nothing to do with the Makita unit itself.

    The second issue of very <em class=”gdbbx-bbcode-italic”>very minor discontent is that the bucket on the Makita is higher off the ground than my very old wheelbarrow I normally used but gets a flat tire overnite. You can actually see this 20 year old relic in one of the pics submitted. The Makita bucket is maybe 3-4 inches higher on its low edges and higher as you can see in pics as it has a very pronounced angled rise to its extreme rim on the front dumping end.

    Just not used to shovelling higher into a wheelbarrow. Takes a little getting used to and more effort on that front, but it is certainly made up in droves with fingertip trigger drive control to get the powered barrow from A to B and it’s ease of dumping config. Like I said, it’s really a minor peeve at this initial juncture in its bucket config ‘cherry breaking’ effort today. Let’s just say I’m in ‘tool love’ nonetheless again on this amazing tool.

    Tomorrow, I expect another load of 3/4 mixed to disperse, and more as they said they would give all I could handle/want. Supervisor was there, so I should be good to go. Hehehe….little do they realize how much I really want!

    Once the job is finished, I plan on using my 18V Power Shaft Makita bristled Power Brush to clear the remnants off my driveway. That’ll be another Makita first usage experience I hope to share with you all when I do. Stay tuned!

    For some reason, I can’t help but think Kurt might want one of these units. He’s got the big stuff, but these units just might be a niche tool in my mind for him and his crew(s). @Kurtwelkerhomes-com







    That’s great you getting a bunch of 3/4″ stone and you have a place to put. That dumping feature on your Makita 18V powered wheelbarrow sounds pretty slick. Much better then fighting with wheelbarrow to get it to dump where you want it to. It sounds like a pretty good unit to have.

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