2.0 ah or 4.0 ah batteries for 18v drill and impact?

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    LithIon batteries store better at a 40% charge.

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    @jponto07 there’s bunch of artictles about expanding your lithium batteries life span. Yes I change them every 5 minuet or so if I’m using it full force depends on the tool also. And no they don’t heat up at all actually they stay cool. And when I work I go by task a head whatever it is get it done move into next one when you have batteries by you it’s easy to change. Also all tools have same battery so I don’t look for other brand batteries. Saves lot of time .I also work for myself so I don’t have to work hard for someone I make plenty money formyself.

    I know that batteries don’t like heat, regardless of the chemistry ie ni-cad or nimh or lithium. I have paid attention not to get my ni-cad battery to hot, they are some links them that are ten years old, and still working great, I let them run low, and then charge them full and have never had any problems. Hoping to have the same luck / performance with the new lithium batteries.

Viewing 2 posts - 101 through 102 (of 102 total)
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