Reply To: Makita Track Saw Blade


Use Tenryu blades myself in my Mafell MT55 track saw which the Bosch is a close relative of. The 52T one is a little thinner than most track saw blades and works great in making the saw more powerful. There’s an included thickness shim that you must use if you’re using a Mafell since the flange won’t apply enough clamping pressure without it. I think it might be the case with the Bosch as well since they’re built on the same platform.

The 12T is a crazy rip blade for sure, it’ll tear through dimensional lumber with zilch for resistance if the saw’s set to max speed. Pretty sure it’d be the same case for hardwoods but taking multiple passes would probably be easier for the saw motor.

The in between is a 28T which doesn’t give the super finished cuts the 52T does but it doesn’t have a rough finish like the 12T.

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