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Yes I’m not overly impressed with them , last spring when we were flooded , I couldn’t get out to the HD when they were having the free battery when purchasing other garden tools , I missed the sale by approximately 4 days , I went to HD and they told me it’s not up to them , and call Ego , so that’s what I did , and they told me it’s up to the store to decide 🤷‍♂️ I wasn’t impressed ,
That being said , I’ve been very impressed with the mower , so I decided to jump in and buy more ,

I’ve been extremely impressed with the new 650 blower , that thing has some friggin power , although it definitely eats through the batteries when using the turbo mode ,
And the hedge trimmer is amazing , with the 1 inch cut really like it , the string trimmer I haven’t tried yet , but I recently ordered the shoulder strap for it , hopefully it gets shipped to my HD this weekend , and know I saw that they have the portable Nexus 150 power supply , I’m thinking about getting this just for the fireplace fan when we lose power , darn Ego

You were right Mark 🙄
Next two items later this year will probably be the Nexus power station and the snow blower 🤷‍♂️

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