Reply To: Covid-19 and Construction


This is a strange and scary time….I would like to get back to work but I firmly believe that the way to beat this is to stay at home – for all of us to stay at home. Even with the restrictions we have in place, the numbers keep jumping.

I just hope President Trump starts listening to his experts on this, otherwise he said he’s thinking of lifting all of the constraints come Easter. I find it difficult to digest that he believes that there would be far more suicides from the financial strain of constraints on people’s lives than that of the virus going unchecked. I just don’t get that.

Let’s not get overtly political on this as I’m not stating this as a pro or counter political view of any political party here, but that is what the Commander in Chief is alluding to and there’s no ignoring that implication he stated if he carries thru in that direction in dealing with this deadly threat.

The preliminary estimated by experts minimum 2 million deaths I read about in the US a few weeks ago if it takes hold without strong intervention is in my mind not acceptable for the pursuit of offsetting what are deemed economic impacts/difficulties. Doesn’t having all those people die make for more dire financial/economic issues? God help those in charge to properly assess this before it is too late! I pray for you all if that’s the direction it takes in the US and he is woefully wrong about that direction to take. I have a feeling that he’ll change his mind. I hope so to be on the safe side for you all.

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