Reply To: Covid-19 and Construction


Well , where do I start ,
I’m in the simulation business , we have clients and employees traveling around the world ,
My good friend , just came back from Abu Dhabi about two weeks ago , apparently he was cleared , but the other people who traveled back early this week have been quarantined , I have received numerous emails from the company , The union (our president of the union ) just returned from UK and I heard today that she’s definitely infected , plus numerous of other friends and colleagues who just returned from Germany and other areas ,
That plus I have been sick with I believe is just a seasonal flu /cold , and this week Wednesday my wife picked up the cold , she went into work Thursday morning , they gave her, her laptop and told her to stay home and get tested 🤷‍♂️,
All this to say it’s been a hectic week this week , and we found out all the e events and our daughter’s school has been put on closure for the next two weeks , it’s definitely going to be interesting this coming week. , On a brighter note , traffic has been very light LoL and the price of gas is going down

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