Reply To: Interesting things we see, Vol 3


Okay , so today someone (newish) employee was using a grinder , apparently he cut himself , and right after that , the health and safety people were pulling all the grinders off the shop floor ,
They went into the welding shop/room and ask for all their grinders , my friend laughed and said if you take them away , we will be at a work stoppage ,
That’s definitely a tool that is needed daily in that department
Another crazy incident in the shop today 🤷🙄

Forgot to mention , last week while I was scoring the glass manifold to prepare for installing the glass cells on , the glass shattered in the hand , I had a pretty decent cut , I went to the nurse for those band-aid stitches , I had to fill out the report and was asked if I was wearing those cut resistance gloves , I said impossible to wear those while doing my job. I need to have Clean hands and not contaminates the glass , plus I could actually burn the gloves while using the torches 🙄
I also mentioned that it’s been over 6 years since I’ve ever cut myself , it’s unfortunate part of the job at times.

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