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Wawa, ON

I’m seriously considering getting a snow blower ,

I have a pretty big machine. A Murray 28″ I bought used. It does a decent job but is a bit unweildy. I also have access to a 24″ Deere which throws pretty good too. I find the Deere has pretty stiff levers that engage the auger and wheel drive, but it moves snow pretty good.

If I were to look at a new one I would bite the bullet and spend on a good one. Honda and Husqvarna would be on the short list. I would go for about 12″ and I would like features like having it “steerable” with hand levers. A hydrostatic transmission would be nice too. I would stay away from “big box” stores on this. Cub Cadet I wouldn’t go near. Despite what the Tools in Action guys say (is there anything they don’t reccommend?). I would avoid Morepower (Powermore?) engines or any of the Chinese made engines too. One of the reasons Honda would be on my list is just for their engines.

I would even consider a tracked model instead of one with wheels, but that wouldn’t be a must have. I am not totally convinced on 3 stage blowers but I need a 2 stage for sure. I would also look for a model that lacks plastic. More metal means more gooder to me….lol.

Frills like heated hand grips and lights are not that important. I have mitts and the sun does still shine. I think they are just adding expense where as I would want the money going into the “meat and potatos” features.

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