The Egress Well Merges Design and Technology

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There’s Technology at the Foundation

Egress Well installation is easy with new-age products that are both lighter and modular.The egress well – Is there anything more mundane in the building market? Actually, there’s plenty of design acumen and technical engineering expertise going into this field. Out on the building/construction trade show circuit we came across new information about something old you probably haven’t thought about for a while.  In fact, egress wells can be a functional yet integrated part of a home’s foundation and even provide better safety in terms of escape routes and also can double as mini gardens.  Read on to l;earn how your basement window well can be transformed.

stakWEL® Egress Well

Although lightweight, new egress well designs can withstand backfill.Bilco and its stakWEL® product line represents one company building modular egress well systems for residential foundations. The composite sections, versus standard corrugated metal systems, offer the traditional half-moon shaped or An Egress Well can withstand everything from frost to pigment-discoloring UV rays.square configurations. The product has a standard 54” width. stakWEL offers an easy-to-install egress well system built around modules that simply slide together to create the required window well height. And the system drains directly into a home’s perimeter foundation drain without piping or special materials. A “grip/step” design features a handle and gusseted step to meet emergency egress well requirements. Window well finish options include neutral driftwood and a pebbled look. www.bilco.com

Rockwell™ Egress Well

New egress well design ensures the end result fits well with both home and landscape.Rockwell™ provides a one-piece solution that offers a stone look with multiple safety steps or a single safety step. Unit heights range from 24” to 96” with color options of gray or tan. The one-piece rigid composite structure is resistant to water, frost and extreme temperature. And its high strength construction ensures it won’t collapse from backfill; pea gravel and rock are not required. An added-value nicety is the 10-year warranty. www.Rockwellinc.com

There’s More to an Egress Well than Meets the Eye

Accessory options for these products include ladders, grated covers or polycarbonate covers.

A stepped egress well make basement exit easy and fast.Egress well products from both Bilco stakWEL and Rockwell are rust, rot and UV (color loss) resistance. Traditionally, the egress wells market is not exciting, although new home buyers or those who are remodeling should be enthused by the more natural look of these products versus standard corrugated steel. But deploying advanced materials and new egress wells designs will attract the buyers for both recent construction and remodels – and the fact that every home needs this product.


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7 comments on “The Egress Well Merges Design and Technology

  1. Kurt

    I have used both the Bilco Stackwell and the Rockwell units. I find the Rockwell to be a superior product over the Stackwell.

    The stackwell I have used tends to deform due to ground pressure even when backfilled with rock to provide free drainage of water. I have not had those issues with the Rockwell when using the same rock for backfill. Just my opinions.

  2. Alex

    These look and sound great!

    I wasn’t able to find anything other then the normal metal window wells when i re did my weeping tiles a few yeats back, i wish these were around back then.

    Its nice to see that they are both more stylish AND designed for egress.

  3. Edward Stolba

    Thanks for the well written and informative article regarding the new generation of egress window wells. I am the East Coast Sales Manager for RockWell, Inc., and I am happy to see published positive information involving a product of which I am very proud to represent.

    Thanks again,

    Ed Stolba

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