Cutting Tile? We need you to test some blades.

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The Bosch DB1069 Continuous Rim Diamond Blade for PorcelainBosch is looking for a few testers for its Continuous Rim Diamond Blades for both porcelain and glass tiles.  As part of the tool testers group we are reaching out to you to see if you meet the criteria below and would be a candidate to test these diamond saw blades.

Bosch is primarily looking for remodelers, kitchen and bath installers and flooring tradespeople for this test.  They want your review of how well the blades cut using either a 7” or 10” tile saw, wet or dry.

Specifically, they are looking for two types of users.

  • Users who are dissatisfied with “general purpose” tile blades that don’t perform well in specific materials like hard porcelain and glass tiles.
  • Users who are dissatisfied with the blade that is included with their tile saw at time of saw purchase, for example:  Ridgid, MK Diamond, DeWalt and Pearl.
  • Moreover, the right candidates will already be doing extensive cutting (at least 2 -3 times per week) into hard porcelain tiles and/or glass tiles.

To be considered for this test, you will have to meet the conditions above and also be willing to fulfil the following:

  • Write a 250+ word review of your experience with the blade to be posted on BeThePro.com.  Review MUST include images.  5000 points will be awarded for articles that are published.
    • An additional 5000 points can be earned by submitting a video(s) that accompany the review.  Video must be of at least 30 seconds long, and is encouraged for it to be longer.
    • All images and video must have the operator of the saw using all manufacturer recommended safety precautions and safety features, including guarding and GFCI.  For tile saws this includes safety goggles, dust mask, hearing, hand protection and proper work clothes/shoes.  Review images/video that fail to meet safety requirements will not be accepted.
  • Write a 100+ word review on the BoschTools.com website for the appropriate product (i.e. like the reviews found on this page.)
  • Be open to a ½ hour phone conversation with a Bosch Product Manager to give them feedback on your experience with the blade.
  • All reviews will reference that Bosch has given you the tools to evaluate at no charge to comply with FTC guidelines on reviews.

If you feel that you meet the requirements above and are able to complete the task, then reply to this request in an email to boschtools@bethepro.com and tell us the following information:

  • Why you feel that you could test these blades in either (or both) porcelain and glass tiles. Hint: the more you tell us the better we are able to qualify you.
  • Approximately how many times per week do you cut hard porcelain and/or glass tiles?
  • How long you have been using tile saws?
  • Your full contact info including full name, phone number and shipping address.
  • What size blade you will need for the tile saw you are using. Blades come in 7”, 8” and 10” diameters.  Two blades will be issued, 1 for glass and 1 for porcelain to each of the tool testers for this test. (NOTE: Bosch Continuous Rim Diamond Blades have a 5/8” bore hole.)

Thanks for participating.  If you have any questions feel free to send them to boschtools@bethepro.com.

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4 comments on “Cutting Tile? We need you to test some blades.

  1. Brian

    Looking forward to hearing what people think about these Bosch diamond blades.
    I have used the smaller ones on my grinder for cutting patio stones or tiles.
    Great diamond blades
    I’m sure these won’t be any different.

  2. Blaine

    I copy that also. I use the Bosch diamond blades for cutting manufactured stone in my grinder. I do installs of glass tiles and porcelain but my installs are 1-2 a month.

  3. Alex

    Very nice tool/accessory testing opportunity for the pro’s. Already seen one review/opinion. Hopefully we will see more about this blade.

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