Construction First Aid Kit – What You Need for Your Kit

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A roll of electrical tape and some paper towels are all you ever need, right?

Construction First Aid Kit for the Jobsite

Every shop, truck, job box, job trailer, and jobsite should have a construction first aid kit in it. Even if you are careful, accidents do happen; and sometimes it’s not your accident that causes your injury!  Every worker should have a kit like this in their truck – and then we’re covered, right? Not necessarily.  Kits like this one are great for a knuckle scrape, or a cut – but you might want to get some things to add to it.

Construction First Aid Kit

Move beyond the basics for a construction first aid kit.

I hope you never have to pick up your (or someone else’s) finger – but if you do, it would be great if your construction first aid kit had the following:

  • QuikClot
  • Cold Pack 
  • Water Pack 
  • 4×4 Gauze Pads 
  • Clean Quart and Gallon Freezer Bags

I’m not a doctor, but if I was with someone who cut off some fingers, I’d use the water to dampen the 4×4 gauze, put them in the quart freezer bag and put in the digits, seal that one up, and put in the bigger bag with the cold pack around it.  That’s much better than putting them in the bag that was just holding someone’s sandwich for the day (seriously I’ve heard of that!).  If the bleeding is too bad, QuikClot will slow it majorly.

Here are a few other things that I’d add to your construction first aid kit:

  • Eye Wash Cup and Solution
  • Burn Gel or Burn Pads
  • Ibuprofen 
  • Tylenol
  • Antacids

What do you think?  Share your most important items from your construction first aid kit in the comments below.

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Joe Sainz (Google+) is a union carpenter with experience in concrete construction, landscaping, carpentry and electrical mechanics. He currently works at Bosch Power Tools... Read more

7 comments on “Construction First Aid Kit – What You Need for Your Kit

  1. Dan

    Those are some great items in your lists Joe. I keep a first aid kit in my truck and at my shop but they could use some beefing up with some of the items that you mentioned. It’s always better to be prepared than being caught off guard if something happens.

  2. John S

    that is indeed a very thorough list! I sure hope one never needs to use most of those items, but it is very wise to be prepared for the worst – like losing a finger. A band-aid wouldn’t help much at that point probably, ha!

  3. Kevin

    Joe, I don’t want to think about what you think you need the gallon freezer bag for.Electrical tape and Wendy’s napkins. Seriously that is the extent of the first-aid kit in my buddys truck.

  4. Brent Mills

    while running my excavator on a new building site one time I noticed a worker rolling around in pain under my friend Wallie’s crane he froze in his tracks as Wallie thought it was something he did I jumped for the ground and got to the injured man first I had found he was cutting steel banding and tore his right thumb off at the middle knuckle when a band caught him wrong I picked the guy up and put him in my old pickup as it had a red interior any way and went back to find the thumb the man was hollering that he didn’t want it any more so Wallie slipped it into his shirt pocket and off to the emergency we went I took him and his bloody mes and Wallie for some moral support at that point into the emergency ward we went and past some startled patients he was still grumbling he didn’t want the thumb as a nurse turned to us and said you go get the thumb we will put him out Wallie proceeded in pulling the thumb out of his shirt pocket Wallie says I brought it with me (Darned near floored the nursing staff)but they put him out and attached the thumb some Now 15 years later I was running a backhoe on a job this man crawls up the side of it and says you saved my thumb didn’t you I said yes and Wallie is working just down the road on a job He took us out for lunch that day and has become a good friend that can still laugh about that day and has both his thumbs to show for it So the moral to the story is never let the patient get too far from his finger he might just need it later in life I also have first aid kits in all trucks and machines you just never know when you will need them

    1. Karl Grath

      Was working a job in downtown and our site manager only had one thumb. Every day when we’d start up, he’d give the go-ahead by holding up his stump (like a “thumbs-up”, but without the thumb haha). He said he did it to remind us not only to pay attention to ourselves but also to each other. He even went so far as to buy first aid kits from firstaidsurvival.com for everyone (not just one for the entire site) and he routinely checked all our trucks to make sure we had them in an accessible place at all times. Safety first!

  5. Sergey

    Another great article. Safety is very important on a work site, but the first aid kits should always be available should something go wrong. They just may save someone’s life.

  6. Éric

    I’d like to add one more thing – Training

    When I used to teach the CSST workplace first aid class, I would spend more time running scenarios that involved MacGuyvering together a solution than “how to put on a bandaid.”

    Having a good kit is important, but if the kit is at the back of the truck, buried under everything else, it is not much use.

    I have (seriously) used a woman’s maxi pad to stop a severe abdominal bleed from bleeding out, where waiting for a kit would have taken too long.

    Understanding what the tools in the kit do is just as important that knowing how to use them, so you can know how to make do with what you have.

    I imagine this applies to most of what you do, so it will ring true. Once you know why and how a tool works, you can figure out alternatives if need be, and that isn’t due to a good kit, its due to training and practice

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