Top Ten Construction Equipment Safety Tips

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Construction Equipment Safety

From ForConstructionPros.com

Safety is a multi-faceted aspect of everyday work in the construction industry.  An article from ForConstructionPros.com talks about the realities of construction equipment safety.  There’s a lot to consider when working with sophisticated machinery that weighs 10 tons or more.  Safety expert John Meola provides universal guidelines that apply to working with equipment safely, efficiently.

John starts the article with a sobering reality, “Each year, there are thousands of injuries and triple-digit numbers of fatal accidents related to machine and equipment operation. A lot of these accidents involve the operator, but over half involve people on the ground – spotters, co-workers, laborers, shovel hands, passers-by and sidewalk superintendents who get too close. And because of the forces and physics involved, these are usually not first-aid injuries; there is often an ambulance and sometimes a coroner called to the jobsite.”

He hits the nail on the head when he says “The larger or more complex the machine, the more in-depth the training should be. Remind me, how much did that rig cost? And you’re going to try to skimp on the training?”

Top 10 Construction Equipment Safety Topics

  • Getting on and off equipment
  • Loading/unloading equipment
  • People crowding the work area
  • Machine swing radius
  • Operation on slopes
  • Overhead/buried obstructions
  • Backing
  • Machine upset
  • Instability or loss of load
  • Lock-out/tag-out

Click here to read more about each topic and learn how to avoid common accidents.

John ends his article with a final appeal to owners of heavy machinery for construction equipment safety: “The equipment and machinery produced today are the safest and most reliable ever made. To get the most out of these tools and ensure your employees’ safety, a comprehensive safety program should not only be in place on all your jobs, it should be relevant, timely, frequently referenced and backed up by top management. Keep your operators and ground crews informed of the hazards they face (i.e., by reading the machine manual), keep them motivated and aware and recognize their accident-free achievements.”

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  1. Esther Delbert

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  2. Yilliang Peng

    Thanks for the heavy construction equipment safety tips. I do not work in construction and so I am by no means an expert, but It is nice to know that there are people watching out for each other. It is important to keep your equipment well maintained so that they do not act awry. Thanks for the post!

  3. Steele Honda

    I totally agree that if you have to deal with the construction industry safety should be your top-1 priority! I also liked that you say that if manage your workers you should keep them informed of the hazards they face. My brother has recently started building a new office and I will surely pass this information to him. Thanks!

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