Construction Blogging 101 Webinar: Building a Blog for the Construction Market

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So you want to be a construction blogger?  Join our free webinar on Tuesday May 10th at 7:30 PM CST.

Building a blog - is it for you?

Building a blog for the construction market can actually be profitable, but you’ll want to approach this endeavor with eyes wide open. So you’ve been a construction pro for some time now and you read several construction blogs yourself religiously. You may have thought to yourself, this is something I would like to try. Well, blogging is not something that most people do, but those that do can reap the rewards both monetarily and personally.

Building a blog that is targeted at construction pros isn’t necessarily easy, but it also isn’t rocket science. Online tools that facilitate building a blog are more prevalent that ever. With a modicum of time invested regularly, a construction pro can amass a nice audience that they can then turn into a profitable venture. The key here is time and dedication. If you are willing to invest your time into the topics that matter to the end user, then there can be a pay off.

The Building a Blog for the Construction Industry Webinar

Building a blog through courses on Construct-Ed.comOn Tuesday May 10th at 7:30 PM CST, our own community manager and 20 year veteran of online marketing, Jim Lillig, will conduct a webinar in conjunction with Construct-Ed.com. During the webinar, Jim will outline the basics of what it takes to get into the blogosphere and what those wishing to build a blog will need to know to get started. This is designed to be very basic information that we will build on in upcoming webinars as we progress from simple to more complex issues facing a construction blogger who is building a blog audience.

Conctruct-Ed.com is joining BeThePro.com as a sponsor this month and will assist us in facilitating the webinar which will require no software downloads and will also be available on all devices. Construct-Ed.com has a unique model that allows users to upload “courses” and then get paid when users download them. Conctruct-Ed.com is a terrific partner for all of our members.

Construct-Ed courses available on the Rewards List

We are happy to announce that as a Sponsor, Construct-Ed has agreed to make several courses available to our forum members that they can redeem their points for.  Each course is 15,000 points and there will be 9 passes for each course.  Courses include:

Learn why and how you should be using Houzz for your business
Learn How to Take Proper Core Cuts On EPDM Roofs
How to take proper roof takeoff photos

For more detailed information about each course, click here.

Join the FREE Building a Blog for the Construction Industry Webinar

We hope that you will join us for this informative webinar on building a blog that can help supplement your income for many years to come.  The screenshot below shows where to click to sign up for this free webinar.

Building a blog webinar signup screenshot.

Click here or the image above to sign up for the Intro to Construction Blogging Webinar.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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  1. Kevin

    Thanks for putting this together. This can truly be helpful to help get some to their next level. Sometimes, that’s all they need. A little nudge in the right direction especially from a source that can be trusted. Thanks BTP/Jim and whoever else may be involved in this endeavor.

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