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Construct-Ed Courses

Redeem your points to take these courses on www.Construct-Ed.com.  To redeem for these course simply send an email to points@bethepro.com and mention the name of the course in your email (along with your forum nickname) and we will send you back a unique one time use code to enter into the signup process for the course that will make it free for you.

We are happy to announce that as a Sponsor, Construct-Ed has agreed to make several courses available to our forum members that they can redeem their points for.  Each course is 15,000 points and there will be 9 passes for each course.  Courses include:

Building a blog - Construct -Ed Course on Houzz.Learn why and how you should be using Houzz for your business

Houzz.com has become one of the most valuable marketing tools in the Home Services Industry. It’s used to help homeowners and designers find looks that they like, and even find contractors to do the work they want. Watch this online training course to learn what your company needs to do to be part of the Online Evolution.

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Building a blog - Construct-Ed course on taking core cuts on EPDM roofsLearn How to Take Proper Core Cuts On EPDM Roofs

If you are an estimator for a company involved in the residential or commercial roofing industry, you are aware of how important a core cut is to developing qualified bids for your roofing projects. In this online training course, Instructor Mike Shultz will teach you proper technique for a clean core cut so that you can gather on the details you need to for a successful bid or estimate on an EPDM roof.

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Building a Blog - Construct-Ed course on taking photos of roofs for estimating.How to take proper roof takeoff photos

Offering a roof estimate to a customer begins by going to the site and completing an onsite takeoff of the roof system. This site visit includes measuring the roof system as well as taking photos and interviewing the building tenant. These steps are required to complete an accurate estimate and a profitable project for your company. While you are there, you need to be able to take photos that will allow you, another estimator or a project manager to be able to review the project. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words – especially in roofing! Your Instructor, Mike Shultz, will teach you how to properly take photos of the roofing site. This includes images of the roof from roof top as well as images of the staging and setup area. These images are then used to provide an overview of the project as well as convey specific details that were found during the site visit.

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We encourage you to check out the entire line of advanced construction learning that Construct-Ed offers.

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