Creating a Concrete Bull with a Metallic Finish

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Crafting an original concrete bull.

If you happen to be some place – any place, where you run across a design that surely should not be made out of concrete, think again.  That guru of the large-scale concrete statues, Thom Hunt, was at it again at the 2013 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas with his concrete bull.  In the Smith Decorative Concrete Products booth he created a long-horn steer with a textured exterior that looks more like a bronze; from 10 feet away you would bet it’s a metal.  A combined blue and brown patina gave the piece a rich metallic look that would cost a fortune to reproduce in the precious metal.

Concrete Bull

This modern interpretation of a charging bull looks like bronze from near and far.

This abstract concrete bull weighs in at approximately 1600 pounds and measures 8 foot long and 6 foot in height.  The armature consists for 3/8” rebar bent into a skeletal shape and covered with expanded metal lath. A 2” 2-1 sand and Portland plaster mix was then applied to create the general shape of this creation. To finish the project, this massive concrete bull was then sculpted and textured into its final shape using Smith’s 4 in 1 overlay material and finally stained to simulate a bronze bull on a pewter base using Smith’s concrete stains.

Concrete Bull       Concrete Bull

Like many of his creations, he used a compressor to push viscous concrete onto the sub-straight (this time it was a compact Bosch CET3-10, an electric hand-carry unit).  From there he can use hand tools to fashion the shape; he’s used a multi-tool in the past to make fine etching or other detail marks on a hardened piece.  Although his technique is often applied in art designs, like the concrete bull, he’s used similar steps to make outdoor barbeque grills (taking the shape of a rock formation) or other scenes found in nature.

Concrete Bull - Air Compressor

Bosch CET3-10 3-Gal. 1 HP Mini Twin-Angled Tank Air Compressor

The concrete bull has more of a cubist design – hard lines and corners versus a traditional smooth hide; the porous texture of the final design speaks to the aggressive stance of the bull.  At story post time Hunt was still looking for a home for the concrete bull – let’s hope it found one.  Picasso would love this concrete bull, no bull.

Concrete Bull - Front

To see other projects like this concrete bull click here to visit the artist’s website.

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Thom Hunt of BBStudios has over 30 years as a professional artist Thom has perfected his talents as a sculptor, painter and designer. Thom Hunt has put together an amazing variety…Read more

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