Circular Saw Review: Skil Saw Outlaw Worm Drive

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The Skil Saw Power Saw

Review by: Kurt Welker

Installing the Saw for this Circular Saw Review

Circular Saw Review close up.I received the SPT78MMC-22 8″ Skil Saw Outlaw Worm Drive Metal Cutting Circular Saw to write this circular saw review.  Upon inspection the saw appeared very substantial. It was nothing less than I would expect from a Skil power saw, or a Bosch tool no less.

To install the circular saw blades, the blade guard / chip catcher is easily removable and the onboard blade wrench made the installation a snap.  The only thing that slowed me down occurred while installing the blade. I had to grab a screwdriver to get the onboard wrench loose.

I suspect that the clips holding the wrench will loosen up over time, and if they do not, that would not be all bad either. But at the time of this circular saw review, they hadn’t loosened. I have lost enough onboard wrenches over the years due to loose holders that a solid attachment is fine.

Cutting Materials for the Circular Saw Review

Circular Saw Review action shot.Once installed, I cut several materials of varying thicknesses, from light tubing, heavy tubing, heavy channels, angles and rebar for this circular saw review.  This Skil Saw powered through all of the materials with ease.  I was very pleased with the quality of the cut on all of the materials tested.  When using the saw with the blade at full depth, the saw contained the metal shavings extremely well.

I was amazed how much the chip catcher collected the first time I dumped it.  This is a nice feature that the Fein Metal cutting circular saw I have does not have. I did make a few cuts with the blade set at only about ½” deep. The containment of the shavings was not as good, but understandable with the amount of the blade exposed.

The sight guide is very easy to use to line up your cut. The guide showing when your blade will enter the material is helpful so as not to start the saw too close to the material that the teeth will strike it and break teeth.

Overall Thoughts on the Circular Saw Review

Circular Saw Review full hero shot.Overall, I thought this Skil Saw had many great features. Hopefully my circular saw review will help you make your decision if you’re in the market for one. Like any saw, it wasn’t perfect, but if you need a tool to get the job done you should start with this Skil saw.



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