Woodworking & Carpentry

Dare to save that half hour!

A while back, I was installing a flat panel LCD for some clients, and I remember how much ‘fun’ I had trying to fish the AV cables. Of course I… Read More

Tear it up!

I’ve pulled up my fair share of tack strip, and never enjoyed a minute of it. Check out the Bosch HS1465 SDS-plus Tile Chisel tearing it up, without pounding on… Read More

It’s all about speed

Toolmonger has posted a speed-x video on their site of our product going head to head with competition. And since you are wondering, it was a DeWalt bit. Check it… Read More

Do you have the right tool?

One of the most important things for me on the job site is deciding what to use to tackle the job. I have more than my fair share of Hammers…. Read More

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