Concrete & Masonry

BeThePro at World of Concrete 2016

Safety, innovation and user ergonomics on display at WOC2016 World of Concrete 2016 is without a doubt a spectacle to behold. As the 2nd largest conference/trade show held in Las… Read More

WOC2016: My Bosch Tools Odyssey

Spending the Day at World of Concrete 2016 by madman_us I finally found some time to write down couple things about WOC2016. First of it was a pleasure to meet… Read More

BTP Review: Brawny Blaklader Jacket

The Brawny Blaklader Jacket Stands Up to Construction Site Abuse review by jponto7 My review of the Blaklader jacket style “Brawny” is written for other construction and remodeling pros so… Read More

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