Building Soffits The Easy Way

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Learning how to build a soffit around duct work is not a difficult process and there are many ways to do it. Some ways are better than others and some methods are more preferable depending your specific situation. Building soffits the easy way means finding an option that will save time, money and result in a properly detailed soffit.

A soffit is basically a box framed with wood and covered with wallboard that surrounds existing duct-work, piping or beams.  We often install soffits above the cabinets in the kitchen to help define the space of the kitchen or close in the space above. Usually a row of cabinets is designed to run beneath a soffit, but in some instances a soffit might be built just to run heating ducts. To frame interior soffits, you need to know a few straightforward details. As a remodeler, I often need to build soffits in basements or kitchens to hide items that are not easily moved and are lower than the finished ceiling.  I’m always looking for the better way…  See all the steps to building around ductwork

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