Build a Second Story Debris Chute

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A Chute for Every Job.

Build a Second Story Debris Shoot

As a remodeling contractor, I quickly learned that being a professional means you need to develop standards and best practices, especially when it comes to dealing with dust and debris.  The same rules that apply for debris control can apply to both remodeling and home additions, especially as the project nears completion.  When the walls are up and more finish work is being done, you need to make sure there’s a way to minimize dust and debris in the house.

One trick I learned early on was to avoid dragging trash and debris from the remodeling zone through a client’s home on the way to the dumpster.   Dragging trash barrels through a house inevitably leads to dinged up trim-work, soiled and dirty carpets and scratched hardwood floors. All of this inevitably (and rightfully) leads to an angry client.

The best way to keep from disappointing your client (and losing any possible referrals) is to learn how to build a remodeling debris chute and keep from tracking dust and debris through the house to the dumpster. A debris chute is a quick, safe and efficient method of removing remodeling and demolition debris.

Build a Second Story Debris Shoot Top

A chute is basically a tube or slide that carries trash and construction debris from the remodeled zone and out of the house and into a dumpster or trash barrels.  It uses gravity, so energy cost is low – and everyone wins, especially that smart contractor in you.

Click here to read how you can create your own debris chute.

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8 comments on “Build a Second Story Debris Chute

  1. Clayton

    Great point, well-done article too. If you’ve ever had to work behind someone who didn’t use one, you’ll know it right away. Debris everywhere, a messed up lawn, and some nicks on the house siding.

  2. Va Oak

    Couldn’t get the link for how to build the chute to work. Kept getting a “server error” and note to contact the server administrator. There is no place on the page to allow you to communicate with server admin.
    Anybody know how to let them know they have a problem?

  3. Ben

    The less travel that has to be done in and out of a house the better, for so many reasons. In the cold months there is always the risk of tracking snow and allowing heat loss. Getting rid of debris through this method would make a huge difference!

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