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The Workhorses of Jigsaws 

Bosch jigsaws models 1590EVS and 1591EVS. The ultimate companion for the woodworker. Bosch jigsaws had always held an allure for me. In the past, I used “cheaper” power tools, because I didn’t see the sense in spending a fortune on  something that I use for a hobby. What I found is that I ended up replacing these cheap tools more frequently than I wanted to. One day, I decided that when my jigsaw gave up the ghost, I’d invest in  quality tools such as the jigsaws that Bosch offered.

The quality tools, in which I invested, actually turned into 2 quality tools – both built upon the same footprint.  I decided the Bosch Jigsaw 1590EVS (top handle grip) and the Bosch Jigsaw 1591EVS barrel grip models best fit my need.

EDITORS NOTE: These models are no longer available. The comparable model to 1591EVS Barrel Grip is the corded JS470EB or the cordless 12-volt JS120BN. The comparable model to the 1590EVS is the corded JS572EL and the cordless 18-volt JS180B.

Boy, am I glad that I made that purchase…

Bosch Jigsaws Mean Exceptional Power & Proven Quality

Upon opening the 2 Bosch jigsaws, you can immediately see that these are not hobby tools. They weigh in at approximately 6 lbs. which is not too heavy but gives the impression that you are a real man holding a solid, quality built tool.

Upon starting the tool, I noticed that something is lacking – but with the substantial 6.4A motor, it wasn’t power.  My old cheap jigsaw used to vibrate excessively, but these Bosch jigsaws barely moved. I later learned that Bosch counterbalances their motors, in order to eliminate that vibration throughout the entire speed range, which gives you more control over the Bosch jigsaws.

Bosch jigsaws models 1590EVS and 1591EVS. The ultimate companion for the woodworker. A “soft start” feature is a nice, added touch and it’s clear to see that this tool is extremely well engineered. The 1590EVS Bosch jigsaw has a large, two finger trigger, which is mounted to the top handle, whereas the 1591EVS Bosch Jigsaw incorporates a slide ON/OFF switch, mounted to the side of the barrel. Both Bosch jigsaws have locking capabilities.

Bosch incorporates “constant response circuitry”, which enables the motor to supply additional power to the motor if the load increases. That way, the desired speed can be maintained, regardless of the load. Another great feature!!

The 6 position variable speed control is conveniently located on the back of the motor housing and allows a speed range of approximately 500-2800 SPM. The beveled knob helps avoid inadvertent speed changes, which is sometimes an issue with some of the other saws .

Blade Changes are Fast and Easy on Bosch Jigsaws

Blade changes are simple and easy, with a sliding lever on the front of the unit. The blade pops out when the lever is slid. Installation is also easy, as you line up the blade with the slot and push until it clicks.

Additional blade stability is obtained by the use of a pair of guide arms, which engage the blade below the guide roller. These can be activated using a red button on the side of the Bosch jigsaws, and it helps eliminate blade deflection. Bosch calls it the PCS (Precision Control System).

Other Convenient Features of Bosch Jigsaws

Bosch jigsaws models 1590EVS and 1591EVS. The ultimate companion for the woodworker. Located beside the PCS button is the 4-position, orbit selector switch, which adjusts the amount of blade orbit, depending on the type of material being cut. Also located beside this switch is the built-in chip deflector ON/OFF switch, which enables you to blow away the chips from the cut site. This switch enables the discharge air from the tool to be diverted to your blade area.

The footplate can be adjusted to 45⁰ angles in either direction. Adjustment requires no additional tools and is made by releasing the footplate lock lever.  When the desired angle is obtained, push the lever back into position and the footplate will remain locked.

Accessories for Bosch Jigsaws

Included with both Bosch Jigsaws is a non-marring footplate overshoe, for protecting  your work, and an anti-splinter insert, which works great on plywood. Bosch jigsaws can be fitted with the JA1012 Articulating Dust Extraction Kit which can be attached to the model JS572E and model JS572EB.

A circle and parallel cutting guide JA1003 is also available to purchase as an extra accessory for Bosch jigsaws. For more attachments for the Bosch jigsaws, click here: ADD LINK.

Conclusion about the Bosch Jigsaws

Both Bosch jigsaws give you ample power and stability to cut through any material that you can throw at it, and the vibration while cutting is almost non-existent.  With the variety of available blades, you should be able to match up your saw to wood, metal, plastics and anything else that might require fabrication.

I can’t see a day when these tools will not be a major part of my collection.


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8 comments on “BTP Reviews: 1590/1591EVS BOSCH Jigsaws

  1. Brian

    Thanks for the great review , and time to take and make a review, I have only used the Bosch cordless , and just love my Jigsaw, cant imagine the extra power with either one of these in your review.

  2. Bob

    Great review thanks Geordie, I’m just about to start looking at a new jigsaw. Bosch is my tool of choice, always good to hear that their range is solid and reliable.


  3. YANNI

    Yanni Here. I bought one and trashed during a project I doing. Dropped to have repaired. My other / older was on it’s way pout so I bought another to finish my project. Now I have 2 of 1592. Made decision after reviewing and testing it with the Festi ps 420. was not worth the extra money.
    Excellent across the board on all counts.

  4. Maynard

    Great review. I’ve had an older Bosch top handle for over ten years can’t remember when I bought it and it’s great. Mind is still in great shape. Even though yours has the quick release mind still changes pretty quick lift up the top and turn it (remember the screw driver method). Thanks again for the review

  5. Benjamin

    The 1591EVS is amazing got my back in 2004 and it’s still going strong. While I have cordless models in 12v & 18V respectively the EVS is the tried and true grandfather! Till this day it still works good as new, got the dust extractor attachment too. For me it still cuts the best beveled shapes at 45⁰ angles. Fortunately I now have an Airsweep which make all the difference. After watching your video a few weeks ago I pulled out my 1591 and gave it a good cleaning. Noticed the no mar footplate was badly gouged, immediately ordered a replacement on eBay.

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