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by Ponto07

Don’t Call It a Laser Tape Measure – The GLM 50 Is a Tape Measure on Steroids

The Bosch laser measure GLM 50 in the box.When I picked up the GLM 50 Bosch Laser Measure measuring tool I was hoping it would make drawing accurate floor plans faster and easier than pulling a tape measure across the room. Little did I know HOW MUCH FASTER easier it would really be.  The Bosch Laser Measure GLM 50 makes quick work of calculations as well as the actual measuring, so much so I think my tape measure will be gathering dust in my toolbox.

My initial impression of the GLM 50 Bosch Laser Measure was that it is built to the normal Bosch standard we’ve come to expect. It’s mostly plastic, yet very solid.  A rubber overmold protects the unit and makes it easy to grip. The screen is backlit and crisp making it easy to read in bright conditions.

Measurement Taking With The Bosch Laser Measure Tool – GLM 50

The Bosch laser measure GLM 50 is an accurate laser measuring tool with a bright backlit screen.Taking long measurements used to be difficult with a traditional tape measure. Without a wheel type measuring tool, I would have probably used my 25′ tape fully extended, made a reference point then proceeded to take another measurement from that point until I came to a final measurement. This method would have surely resulted in a less accurate measurement than a laser measuring tape.

After putting the GLM 50 Bosch Laser Measure through its paces, I’m very happy if not outright impressed. This laser measuring tool is every bit as accurate as advertised (spot on at 72′- the longest single distance I measured) and its lightning fast.  I found it to be accurate to the 32nd of an inch with every measurement I confirmed with a 16′ FastCap tape.

Multiple Modes Make the The Bosch Laser Measure Tool – GLM 50 Even More Useful

The Bosch Laser Measure has Modes for taking straight line distance, area and volume are available as well as a “real time distance” feature that continually updates as the laser or its target is moved. Values can be displayed in meters, inches or feet and inches. A single button toggles from one to the next making it very convenient to read the measurements from the laser measure unit.

The Bosch laser measure GLM 50 - bright backlit screen.This Bosch Laser Measure tool is perfect for generating quick and accurate measurements for quotes or drawings, but this Bosch laser tape measure won’t completely replace your trusted roll tape measure. The laser must have a target “endpoint” to register the measurement, without a solid surface at the far end, the tool isn’t very useful. For example, measuring the interior or a room is simple enough – just bounce the laser off of opposing walls.

Trying to determine the length of a board is more difficult. In order to do so with a laser measuring tool, you would need to add a surface for the beam to bounce off of. (I’d probably reach for a tape measure before going through this).  Although, one method I found helpful is using a simple Post It note attached to the end I want to measure the distance of.  Simply attach the Post It and aim the Bosch laser measure and voilà, you have a super accurate measurement.

The Bosch Laser Measure Tool – GLM 50 – Some Concerns About The Nylon Case

The Bosch laser measure GLM 50 with carrying pouch..The Bosch laser measure tool comes with a nylon case, which I don’t like. It’s too snug and requires two hands to actively shove the tool into the case. I’d like to see a clip similar to a standard tape measure on the case rather than a Velcro strap that must go around a belt. For convenience purposes, a metal clip would allow the tool to be hooked in multiple places as opposed to only around a belt as it is currently designed. It’s a minor complaint, but one that will have to be dealt with if you intend to use the included case.

I Highly Recommend The Bosch Laser Measure Tool

Would I recommend this laser measuring tool?  Without hesitation. The Bosch laser measure GLM 50 is accurate and simple to operate. It even works outdoors as long as you can see where you are aiming the laser. While it does have its limitations, they are the same limitations of ALL laser measuring tools – there must be an endpoint to measure against.

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9 comments on “BTP Review: The Bosch Laser Measure Tool – GLM 50

  1. Jon

    Thanks guys! I’ve gotten much more experience with the tool since writing the review and I’m even More impressed. It’s a great tool!

  2. Doug

    Great review. I refinish hardwood floors. This little machine has cut estimate times in half. Traditional tapes are a nightmare when measuring a room end to end in a room full of furniture or whatever. The square footage is done immediately and with amazing accuracy. It allows me to give the customer an accurate quote very quickly.

  3. Steve

    Wow……fantastic, thorough review. The GLM 50 looks a lot more complex than my GLM 15, and, having read your review and watching the video, I might have to go out and add one of these to my tool kit.

    Great review!!!!

  4. Bailey

    Fantastic review. I’d love one of these. Any sense of how it compares to the GLM15? I know about the differences in features, but didn’t know if you felt the extra money was worth it.

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