BTP Review: The Bosch 8pc Glass and Ceramic Tile Drill Bit set (GT3000)

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by crotalusco

The Bosch GT3000 Drill Bit Set Put Through Its Paces

The Bosch GT3000 Glass & Tile Drill Bit SetRecently I received the Bosch GT300 glass and tile drill bit set as a redemption from BeThePro.com. This is an 8 piece set with bit sizes of 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ packaged in a Brute case that looks really durable. The tile drill bit set feature precision ground tips to limit walking as well as shanks with 3 flats to eliminate bit slippage. These drill bits are designed for drilling in glass and ceramic tile only, they are not designed for porcelain tile or natural stone. And from the tests below you will see what they work best on, mainly drilling ceramic tile.

Test 1: Tile Drill Bit Set Drilling In Glass

I picked up this set primarily for glass drilling. For the first test, I chose to drill through a piece of 1/8″ thick plate glass. As the packaging rates these bit to a max of 2000 rpm I chose to use my Bosch 12v cordless drill on the low setting. As water should always be used to lubricate a tile drill bit to aid in cutting and reduce heat to the bit, I created a water dam using plumber’s putty.

Be warned that drilling through glass is a long slow process and should not be rushed. Be sure to use no more than medium pressure on the drill so that you do not break the glass. Drilling though this thin plate glass took on average 15 minutes. Drilling glass tile may take less time. I do not know the different compositions of glass, but I did not have any glass tile to test. On my first attempt, once the tile drill bit pierced through the glass the pane broke.

The Bosch Glass and Tile Drill Bit drilling through 1/8" glass   The Bosch Glass and Tile Drill Bit drilling through 1/8" glass - glass broke   The Bosch Glass and Tile Drill Bit drilling through 1/8" glass - final hole - some spalling.

On my second and third attempts I was able to drill the glass without breaking it. Having said that there was some spalling and I was unable to get a clean hole. This was greatly disappointing as this was my main goal for these bits. I also had similar results with the Vermont American glass bits. This spalling will be less of an issue on tiles as likely there will be a flange covering it.

Bosch Diamond Hole Saw BitsAs they stand, this Bosch drill bit set may be suitable for drilling glass tile, but they will not serve my immediate purpose and I will continue to seek a solution. My next attempt to drill plate glass will be Bosch HDGM 3 Pc. Diamond Hole Saw Set, pictured here.

Once I am able to obtain a set and test them I will let you all know how they do.

Test 2: Ceramic Tile Drill Bit Test on Ceramic Tile

Bosch ceramic tile drill bit drilling into a ceramic bathroom tile. For the next run through I drilled a few holes in ceramic tile, the kind you would use for bathroom tiles or floor tiles. For this I did not make a dam for water retention, instead I simply sprayed the tile drill bit with some water. While drilling glass with these bits was lackluster, drilling ceramic tile is where they really shine. Using these bits to drill tile was fast, almost effortless and effective. The holes were able to be drilled efficiently and without spalling.Bosch ceramic tile drill bit set - final hole in kitchen ceramic tile.

I would highly recommend this tile drill bit set for making holes in ceramic tile. It is truly so easy that I had my fiancée drill a hole to demonstrate to her how nicely they worked. Surprisingly, she was able to get the same results on ceramic tile drilling I had.

Test 3: Tile Drill Bit Test on Porcelain Tile

I have some porcelain tile and while the instructions state that these bits are not for drilling this type, I gave it a go anyway (because that’s just how I am). While I was able to start cutting into the porcelain I stopped shortly after. Drilling though porcelain with this tile drill bit would have taken longer than drilling through the glass and I did not want to destroy the bit. So let me state clearly, you should not buy these for drilling porcelain tile. I did also try drilling porcelain tile with a standard drill and masonry bits, they did not perform any better. I do not have a standard hammer drill so no attempt was made with one of these. I was able to drill through the porcelain tile I had it with Bosch SDS masonry bit and a rotary hammer.

Conclusion: The GT3000 Tile Drill Bit Set Is a Winner

In conclusion as these Bosch drill bits are amazing for cutting through ceramic tiles, I am not sure these would be my first choice for drilling glass though. Please see attached short video which shows the speed and ease of drilling though ceramic. Good luck and happy drilling.



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8 comments on “BTP Review: The Bosch 8pc Glass and Ceramic Tile Drill Bit set (GT3000)

  1. Lon

    Thanks for a well written and thought out review. Good to know the success these bits had with ceramic and tentative success with glass. Appreciate the time you took to do this.

  2. Jon

    Thanks for your insights. I’ll be adding these to my wishlist as the set covers most of the sizes I’d ever need to drill. Specialty bits are always handy to have around.

    The diamond hole saws you linked look sweet, btw!

  3. Austin

    I have these bits and they have worked great for me. I have not gotten to use them on glass but they cut right through stone, ceramic, and porcelain tile with ease. I have used hammer drill bits in the past but the smoothness of these bits allows much more precision.

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