BTP Review: GeeFix Hollow Wall Anchors

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GeeFix Hollow Wall Anchors review by jponto07

Not all hollow wall anchors are created equal

GeeFix Hollow Wall Anchors packagingI recently received my set of 3 GeeFix Hollow Wall Anchors to test out from BeThePro.com. Anchoring into drywall is something we all have to do from time to time. Directly attaching to framing is preferred, but sometimes it isn’t possible. GeeFix hollow wall anchors offer an intriguing option for hanging larger items directly to drywall and other panel products for those times when attaching to framing isn’t an option.

Similar to a Molly bolt, the GeeFix Hollow Wall Anchors system gains its strength by holding the back of the drywall aGeeFix Hollow Wall Anchors screw detailnd pressing the object you are hanging to the front side. Like a Molly, a big hole is necessary to install the anchor, but GeeFix has improved on the old standby. By including a method of keeping the interior half of the anchor tight to the wall, the installer no longer needs to pull on the screw as it is being driven to prevent the anchor from spinning! This is a big plus in my opinion.

In my personal test, I found that a single GeeFix hollow wall anchors system can hold at leaGeeFix Hollow Wall Anchors plastic insertst 55 lbs in ⅝ drywall. I feel like this is quite good and likely more strength than any single anchor would need.

The included pieces seem to be of high quality. Both the interior half of the anchor and the round plug exterior are a dense plastic, the included screws are yellow zinc and well-made as well. And the final piece to the kit is the blue plastic “string” the resembles a string trimmer line.

My Tests of the Geefix Hollow Wall Anchors System

Test 1:

Test 2:

Test Results for the Geefix Hollow Wall Anchors System

After suspending 55 lbs from one anchor, I’m confident that GeeFix hollow wall anchors are robust enough for most applications. The only negative is that they require a 25mm hole to work properly. Depending on what you are fastening to the drywall, the anchor plug could potentially be visible.  As you can see from my tests, I needed to build a stronger test wall.  More tests to come…

Geefix Hollow Wall Anchors System stronger than my test wall.

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5 comments on “BTP Review: GeeFix Hollow Wall Anchors

  1. Bailey

    I’d say it’s telling that the whole wall gave way before the anchor did! haha They seem like they’re hard to come by, though. I wish they were available wherever. Seems like overkill for hanging a picture, but good to know that there’s something really strong out there.

  2. Brian

    Thanks for taking the time to review the Gee Fix walll anchors, after seeing your video able their product, I would have to say, they seem much stronger and I would feel comfortable using them to support electronic devices or otherwise,
    Good review.

  3. Frank

    Jon, ThanX for the review. I could have used these last week to install a TV mount on a wall. Can’t wait for the GeeFix anchors to hit the Canadian market.

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