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The Brawny Blaklader Jacket Stands Up to Construction Site Abuse

review by jponto7

The Brawny Blaklader jacket is comfortable and durable, perfect for construction workers.My review of the Blaklader jacket style “Brawny” is written for other construction and remodeling pros so you can compare to other jackets such as Carhart. The Brawny is functional, rugged and 100% Blaklader quality. While it might LOOK like those “other” work jackets, this Blaklader jacket is a several steps above them.

When my Blaklader jacket arrived, I was impressed with the build quality of the jacket. Aside from one item, I’ve had excellent experiences with Blaklader gear and this jacket is no exception. That item was promptly replaced by the friendly people at Blaklader, so it turned out to be a positive experience as well.

Initial impressions of the Blaklader Jacket

This Blaklader jacket is very well thought out on the whole. From the 15 pockets, to the extra-long tailThe Brawny Blaklader jacket features long sleeves for comfort and ease in layering. piece that covers your backside when stretching, to the convenient loops that aid in buttoning the pockets, everything just works. I purchased a Large, my normal size. Unlike Blaklader pants, I feel like the Brawny Jacket is actually a slight bit bigger than the average “large” jacket. Being a bit big allows me to wear a sweatshirt underneath and still have full range of motion though, so I would say the size is a positive thing. Additionally, the sleeves fall just past my wrists and just above my knuckles….again, perfect.

The shell of the Blaklader jacket is 12 oz. cotton, which is heavy but not stiff like a typical of Blaklader pants. The lining is mesh and soft. I can’t confirm this, but I believe its purpose it to help the jacket breathe and not overheat, which it does well.

Pros of the Brawny Blaklader Jacket:

  • Maneuverability – I’m able to freely move in the jacket without feeling like it’s restricting my range of motion
  • Pockets – I’ve come to rely on the nearly excessive number of pockets Blaklader puts into its pantsThe Brawny Blaklader jacket features extra pockets - a real plus. (and this jacket too). When wearing the jacket with their pants, I don’t feel the need to wear nail bags because I can carry everything I need in one of my many pockets.
  • Waist tightening snaps – Each side of the jacket has a pair of snaps that allow you to choose how tight you want the jacket to fit at the waistline. I wear mine on the tighter snaps unless I have a sweatshirt underneath it, then I use the other snaps for a bit more breathing room.
  • Build Quality – I’ve brushed up against barbed wire and come out rip free. It’s a tough jacket.
    Its lightweight – Not so much in physical weight, but in warmth. I’d call it a mid-weight jacket. I tend to overheat, so a jacket that allows me to add layers is preferable. This Blaklader jacket doesn’t induce sweating when worn.

Cons of the Brawny Blaklader Jacket:

  • It’s lightweight – If you are looking for a subzero jacket, this is not it. If you are okay with adding layers underneath, you’ll be happy. As a jacket alone, it isn’t going to keep you from freezing.
  • Front side length – This is a stretch, but ideally I would want the front half of the jacket to be The Brawny Blaklader jacket features extra length in the back - no more plumbers crack!just a bit longer. I’m 6’2” and the jacket lands just below my belt. To be fair, most of my shirts land right about in that area as well unless I buy tall sizes. Given the length of the back of the jacket and the sleeves, I’m not sure why the front isn’t a bit longer as well. The sleeves actually hang lower than the front half of the jacket body.
  • Air dry only – A minor annoyance, but the washing tag does recommend against tumble drying. Mine gets tossed onto a drying rack overnight then goes into the dryer in the morning to take care of any wrinkles.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the purchase. It has lived up to my expectations completely and I actually look forward to putting it on every day.  For a complete selection of Blaklader Jackets for work, see the links below:

For US customers – click here.

For CA customers – click here.

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11 comments on “BTP Review: Brawny Blaklader Jacket

  1. Kurt

    thanks for the review Jon, I have always liked the look of the Blaklader jackets but never tried them. I may have to look into one. I like the lighter shells so i can layer as you indicated.

  2. Christopher

    Great review Jon! I am also very pleased with my Blaklader Brawny jacket. The amount of pockets when combined with the pants is insane. Totally agree with the maneuverability, this jacket is a breeze to move around in.

  3. Brian

    Great review Jon, thanks for taking the time to give a detailed review, I’m thinking that the reason for the front of the jacket is shorter, might be to have easy access to the pant pockets? I will be checking for links you posted for the Canadian members, thanks again, and it’s good to know about the durability of the materials.

  4. Maynard

    Thanks for the review. When I met DWB he told me about the Blaklater pants. Never heard of the company till then. The lightweight jacket would be fine in Hawaii

  5. Rick

    I’m late to this party but yes it’s an amazing jacket. It stops wind nicely — much better than expected — but is light enough to not overheat.

    It breathes extremely well.

    Sure it requires layering, but in the Pacific Northwest thats a given — where temps, humidity, and weather can change rapidly in a matter of hours.

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