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Does Bosch have the best cordless vacuum?

by Overanalyze

Bosch VAC120BN  cordless handheld vacuumI purchased the Bosch 12v Max VAC120BN cordless handheld vacuum to add to my 12v Bosch tool lineup. Here are some quick specs of the unit.

The handheld vacuum weighs 1.5 lbs and 1.9 lbs with the 2.0 ah battery. It has 31 cfm’s. The container has 21.3 cubic inches of space to hold debris. It comes with an L-box insert, filter installed, and a crevice tool. The vac and insert will fit in an L-box 1. It has to go on the right side of the L-box to fit.

Cordless handheld vacuum tests

The Bosch handheld vacuum in the box.I did some simple tests to see what it can pick up and what it could not. I had a pile of 1/4” nuts and washers, some drywall nails, and some sawdust. I started with a freshly charged 4.0 ah battery. I like that the Fatpack batteries that work with all of the Bosch 12v Max tools including this new Bosch handheld vacuum!

With a clean filter, the vac could pick up the nails, washers, and nuts. It then could pickup sawdust until the container was full. If you cleaned up the sawdust first, the suction was reduced enough that it could not pick up any of the heavier items. Using the crevice tool allowed the unit to have more concentrated suction for getting into tighter spaces.

I took some sawdust and dumped it out on one of my floor mats of my truck. The handheld vacuum was able to clean up most of the sawdust. Using the crevice tool allowed more of the finer dust to get picked up as well.

The Bosch handheld vacuum filter

The Bosch handhel vacuum filter.The Bosch handheld vacuum features an automotive pleat style filter. It does a great job of collecting the dust. I has a rubber gasket around the filter that seals the cannister up very well. The filter can be taken off and tapped out into a trash can to clean out to be used again. It is a little tough to get all the fine dust out of the filter without using compressed air. It does say in the manual that you can use a stiff brush to clean in between the pleats. I did this and it works well to clean out the debris, but the fine dust still remains. Compressed air was the best way to clean the filter, but was also a dusty task. It would be nice to have a filter that was a little easier to clean out as quick as the cannister and filter fill up.

The Bosch handheld vacuum final impressions

Runtime reports of the unit with a 2.0 ah battery were 10-15 minutes from others. I did not run the battery dead. The container fills up way before the battery loses even 1 bar. For what the vacuum will be used for, I don’t feel runtime will ever be an issue.

One thing that I was a little disappointed in with the vac was the lack of a brush attachment. A handheld vacuum this size needs a brush for use on cleaning up counters, smooth floors, or cabinet doors.

Bosch handheld vacuum VAC120BN is lightweight and well balanced.The unit is very well balanced and super lightweight. I do not see this unit replacing a regular vacuum at all for large clean up tasks. This unit is perfect for the clean up of small amounts of drywall dust, sawdust, and lighter debris items. It will also work well as my go to handheld vacuum for the inside of my vehicles.

Overall I am think the Vac is priced perfect for someone that has the Bosch 12v line already or for someone looking to get into the line. It feels solid and well built. I hope to report back as I get to use it on site in the next couple of months.

For more information on this handheld vacuum, click here.


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  1. Dan

    Great review Andrew! I really like all the tests that you show in the video, very well done. I’m really enjoying my vac as well. It’s a great unit.

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