BTP Review: Bosch Track Saw GKT 55 GCE 110V

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Review by: wbembrid

My first track saw review

Bosch Track Saw GKT55GCE with rails and carrying case and L-Boxx

My review of the Bosch track saw GKT 55 GCE 110V has to come with a disclaimer. This Bosch track saw is NOT sold in North America. I purchased it online and have made modifications so that I can use it with the available power here in Canada. Making modification such as this most certainly will void the warranty. In addition, because this track saw is not sold here it is also not eligible for servicing here as other Bosch circular saws are that are regularly sold in North America. The manufacturer Bosch does not recommend modifying this tool.  Here is the link to this track saw on the Bosch Tool UK site.

Some pics of my delivered package:

Bosch Track Saw GKT55GCE delivery.      Bosch Track Saw GKT55GCE delivery of 110V.

Converting my Bosch track saw for NA use

Bosch Track Saw GKT55GCE with original UK connector. I have been very pleased with the performance of the Bosch track saw GKT55GCE so far, admittedly I have only made a few cuts with it, but I love it so far. I had to start by changing the plug, interesting note it has only 2 wires even though it ships with a grounded plug, I assume this is consistent with most all double insulated tools, either way I replaced it with a 3 prong plug to be consistent.Bosch Track Saw GKT55GCE with converted plugs.

I also turned down the speed dial at the back of the saw as it is rated for 110V 50Hz as opposed the 110V 60Hz that is available here, however Bosch Track Saw GKT55GCE with final converted plug.depending on how the continuous speed circuitry is designed this may not pose a problem, ideally I should look at determining how fast it is actually running, but that is a future project at this time.

One of the first things I did is that I clipped the L-Boxx to my dust extractor in order to keep things organized.

Bosch Track Saw GKT55GCE attached to vacuum with L-Boxx and hoses..

My first cuts with the Bosch track saw

I performed the first cut with the Bosch track saw to trim the rubber zero clearance guard on a piece of scrap plywood. The included instructions instructed me to set the depth deep enough that I did not want to just cut on the scrap of Styrofoam that I was using as a table. The cut produced a scrap strip of rubber from each rail (see photos), which is surprising tough and stretchy, so I think that it will bode well for holding up to long term use.

Bosch Track Saw GKT55GCE rails.          Bosch Track Saw GKT55GCE rails. on cutting service

The Bosch track saw rail system

Then I made several cuts for another project on top of a scrap of closed cell Styrofoam, as I have not built a track saw cutting table for this saw yet. I made sure to make cuts with each of the two included rails, which I labeled sections A and B in case there is some problem or discrepancyBosch Track Saw GKT55GCE rails joined. with the individual rails. I also joined the rails together with the included connector locking them in place with the included tool, this looks like a hex key turned into a small flat screwdriver. Joining the rails was fast, simple, and secure, and if one does manage to lose the tool you could use a screwdriver or even a coin to turn the friction fit fasteners on the joining connector.

My initial thoughts on the Bosch track saw GKT55GCE 110V

I was very pleased with the cuts, the only two issues I initially encountered were my own fault; I had a little piece of uncut plywood at both the start and end of the cut because: 1) I plunged too late and pulled up a little early and/or 2) I have set the depth of cut a little too miserly for the material (20mm for plywood that was 18.73 mm according to my digital caliper). I have not cut any thick hardwood yet, but I do plan to cut some shortly and will update the group when I do.

My review findings so far:

Bosch Track Saw Pros

• Overall precision of the cut
• Precision depth adjustment (in Metric scale)
• Adjustable guide for depth with or without the guide
• Smooth sliding action
• Firm stable rails which did not move or slide and had minimal deflection (none noticeable yet)
• Smooth plunge
• Very good dust collection when used with Bosch Dust Extractor

Bosch Track Saw Cons

• Not Available In North America (NAINA)
• Changing the plug
• Tools rated as “~50Hz” (as opposed to be rated for 110V 50 – 60Hz NOTE: I have to wonder how much variance is allowed given the approximately 50Hz represented by the tilde)
• The Bosch Dust extractor tends to fall out.  NOTE:  So far, maybe it is me, but the dust extraction hose that came with my Bosch Vac090A falls out reasonably easily, even if it goes in somewhat hard.)

Conclusion of the Bosch track saw

I am very happy with the saw and am glad that I purchased it.

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18 comments on “BTP Review: Bosch Track Saw GKT 55 GCE 110V

  1. Brian

    Thank you for taking the time to do a review, it is to bad that the saw is not available in North America, I would be interested to see how it holds up well with the modifications to the power cord. I think for my use,I would rather buy this track saw over a table saw.

    1. William

      The plug replacement itself should not be a problem, as no wires were even modified, rather the screws on the contacts were backed off on the UK plug and tightened on the US/Cdn plug. However if you are referring to the motor ~50Hz vs 60Hz then that may be a very good question.


  2. ebrahem

    I buy the saw month ago too I was gonna do a review but you already did it nice job you point out all the important stuff I did the same with dial down also I was suprise that cord didn’t have a ground wire did you get the carrying bag for the rails I got a fsn ofa 32 kit and clamps for the kit comes is great to use on the track nice job

  3. Frank

    Thank You for the review William. I would be curious to see the long term results of the mod and if the unit can survive the 60Hz.
    Shame that this saw is not available in NA by BOSCH.

  4. Andrew

    Excellent review!! I think this will sell like hot cakes when Bosch finally releases it here in the U.S. It seems that the motor works just fine here so it shouldn’t be a major re-tooling effort on Bosch’s part.

  5. Rickh

    Works fine with your vac? I just got my gkt55 and when used it with my vac090s i think it broke the tool operation switch. Tool operation doesnt work anymore i turn it to tool activation and the vac comes on and they only way it turns off is if i turn the switch to off. Just like the regular on switch.

  6. Alex

    Thanks for the review. Ive been debating a track saw for a while. I saw this one but wasn’t sure if I wanted to try to convert it, but if all that it needs is a new plug and possibly lower the speed a bit I think I might give it a shot!

  7. Scott

    Fantastic review and I am pleased to see someone else sees this track system as superior to others in the marketplace. I just received this saw courtesy of Amazon UK. I guess there is no way to rewire this wrong? Was able to fire it up without issue and blade is spinning in the right direction. I turned down the speed as well to about 3. The motor makes a little rough sound about 3 seconds after startup but adjusts well after that. Smelled a little “new” motor odor after running it without load for about 5 seconds.

    I am excited to give this a shot in lieu of the Makita I had been using. I had built an adapter between the base of the Makita and this track system.

    Oddly enough, I am seeing some similarities in the bases of the Makita and Bosch. I wonder if they are interchangeable?

  8. Josh

    Good review.

    I just got a Mafell MT55 110v shipped from the UK to Canada.

    I was surprised also to only see 2 wires when I converted the plug despite the 3 prongs – which led me to find this post…

    Anyway, continuing with the conversion and am sure there won’t be any problem with the universal motor on this saw and 50hz vs. 60hz.

    Even with shipping, and our Peso-like-Canadian-dollar I’m several hundred dollars cheaper than if I bought this saw here, plus I have an extra rail, connector, rail bag and clamps included…

    I would really like to see more of these quality European tools offered here at competitive prices and packages like we see in Europe.

  9. Scott

    @Todd: My converted saw is holding strong. The saw is still cutting cleanly and power is the last concern I have when working through 3/4″ plywood.
    One recommendation I would make is to apply wax or some sort of dry lube to the base plate of the saw *and* the contact surface of each track. It makes a huge difference to not have to worry about how much to “push” the saw when on the rail. It makes the use of the saw tremendously easier. I do use the Bosch rail clamps as an added insurance policy when using the tracks. These are much better than the Mafell screw type clamps.
    It still looks favorable to buy this Bosch saw in Europe and import into the USA. I know that the build quality of the Mafell version of the saw is better – but for me (a weekend hobbyist with two kids competing for my time) it is more than enough capability.
    For dust collection, I have a Shopvac with a Dust Deputy ahead of it. I cobbled something together in order to connect to the dust port on the saw.
    I also placed a piece of blue tape over the opening on the side of the saw to improve dust collection.
    I still can’t believe Bosch is not importing this to the USA yet. I guess table saws are too popular and they figure they can’t compete with Festool even though their rail system is superior (my opinion).

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