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The Bosch 1250DEVS Sander – Dual Modes to Get More Done

Review by: r-ice

The Bosch Sander 1250DEVSThe Bosch sander 1250DEVS is my newest addition to my sander polisher lineup and I have to say it is the best detail sander I have owned. I have been eyeing different detail sanders for a while now looking to upgrade from the smaller Porter Cable random orbital sander.  I had a few choices but ended up with the Bosch random orbit sander.  I routinely use sanders in my woodworking to speed up the sanding process, as doing it by hand is tedious and takes too long. I have been using the Bosch sander 1250DEVS for a few weeks now, enough time to say confidently that first and foremost – I LOVE it.

My Bosch Sander review – first impressions

The Bosch Sander 1250DEVS in a Bosch L-BOXX 3.The Bosch random orbit sander was delivered in its usual box, with a bit of weight to it. It weighs 5.3 pounds so it isn’t a lightweight. I suppose the weight is there so it can handle the work you throw at it. It comes with a side handle in which you can attach to either side of the sander depending on which side you are more comfortable with. I personally have it on the left hand side. It comes with a dust collector attachment (which I will talk more about later).  This Bosch sander also comes with a hex key for the replacement of the sanding pad, which attaches to a rubber holder that is positioned on the electrical cord itself. It does not come with an L-BOXX configuration. I was able comfortable store my Bosch 1250DEVS in an L-BOXX 3 I had.

This Bosch Sander has dual: random orbit and turbo

The Bosch Sander 1250DEVS - dual mode.Now what is special with this Bosch sander, is the dual modes that it is capable of running. The random orbit mode is for regular sanding. The aggressive “turbo orbit” mode is more for intense material removal.  I am extremely happy with both modes on the Bosch 1250DEVS sander.  I do find that I use the turbo mode to start with first to get the surface to where I want it to then switch to regular random orbit mode for a cleaner finish through the grits. The Bosch website does say the turbo mode removes up to 5 times the material than the random orbit mode.  You can see it and compare it, as the turbo mode does short work of removing material compared to the other sanders I have used.  It used to take me forever and I am glad I am using the Bosch 1250DEVS instead. The change over from random orbit to turbo is quite easy, it is simply a flick of switch to recognize your selection.

Speed selection is quite simple to choose as it is a dial that is on the back of the handle.  You can simply change the speed while you are using it.

Bosch sander 1250DEVS sanding pads

The Bosch Sander 1250DEVS - hook and loop.The sanding discs are simply 6 hole 6 inch hook and loop style sanding discs. I have changed it out and am now using something I feel is more aggressive and longer lasting, and bought Mirka Abranet sanding discs along with an extra pad layer to protect the sanding pad that it came with.

Dust collection on the Bosch sander 1250DEVS

Dust collection on this Bosch sander is a thing of beauty. You can use it indoors while attached to a dust collection machine and the dust created is minimal. Many detail sanders have dust collection, but the amount of dust this leaves wood starve a termite.  I currently have it hooked up to my Bosch Vac90s and it is simply put – amazing.  Back in the day with the older palm sanders, you were working in a haze of dust. This Bosch sander, with the dust extractor hooked up directly to the sander makes it so you practically see no dust, even up to the fastest setting and on turbo mode.  Everything gets sucked in and leaves no trace.

The Bosch Sander 1250DEVS - dual mode.   The Bosch Sander 1250DEVS - side view.

Watch the video below on using the dust control features with different 6″ sanding pads for the Bosch sander.

Final thought on my Bosch sander 1250DEVS

I want to simply end this by saying I wouldn’t trade my Bosch sanders for any other machine, it is just a beast even on the end grain cutting boards that I make. As a polisher sander goes the Bosch 1250DEVS beats all the other detail sanders I have owned. The dual mode makes great sense, especially for someone who has to sand on a regular basis as I do. It is the best detail sander I have owned.

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13 comments on “BTP Review: Bosch Sander 1250DEVS Sander Polisher

  1. Éric

    I wonder how this compares to the ROS65. I have that one, and am always wondering if there is a point to having both for furniture work. Right now, my rapid removal is with a belt sander

  2. Lon

    Good thorough review r-ice. I also have acquired this sander and echo your comments. I especially enjoyed that you could easily switch modes without have to turn the sander off.

  3. William

    Thanks for the review, I believe this is the final bit to convince me to purchase the 1250DEVS. Do you think it is worth it to purchase the 5inch head from the ROS65 that I understand is compatible?

  4. Brian

    Good review , after reading your thoughts and insight , I do know I will be adding this to my list of tools to add. thanks for taking the time to do a review.

  5. r-ice

    william, i don’t particular see the need for the 5inch pad unless you have an abundance of 5 inch pad laying around. I swapped mine out for the abranet pad and backing.

  6. Jon

    Wow is that thing rough looking compared to the ROS65VC! It seems to vibrate quite a lot…but I guess that’s what you get with an aggressive sander.

  7. Kimber

    I’ve had this model Bosch Sander for years and it is a great tool; I prefer it over a belt sander for coarse work and it handles large jobs like posts and beams very well.
    I don’t think of it as a detail sander though. We have a couple of Bosch ROS65VC-6 6-Inch sanders that we prefer for finer sanding; they are much more comfortable with less vibration and even better for dust collection. Both tools are a great value compared to Festool, but the Festool 125 EQ is still the best palm sander going.

  8. Maynard

    Great review. I’ve owned a 5 inch Bosch for over 10 years. Had to replace the hook and loop pad. Wouldn’t replace it however the dust collection model may change my mind

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