BTP Review: Bosch PS22 -02 Brushless Drill Driver

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Bosch PS22 Review by chrisk1970

Bosch PS22 -02 delivers max torque in a handy little (and powerful) package

Bosch PS22-02 set up for driving screws.Recently I obtained the Bosch PS22 -02 Brushless drill driver as a result of redeeming my BeThePro points.  I have been wanting to purchase a second drill driver for my shop and was thinking about purchasing a second Festool CXS drill driver as I have been very happy with my current CXS.

I was hesitant to drop the coin on a new CXS as its well over $200 (and truthfully worth it) but had been looking over the Bosch PS22 brushless hex drill driver for some time. The Bosch is very compact and I have a few 12v Bosch tools thus far and am very impressed with them.

Initial impressions of the Bosch PS22 hex drill driver

Bosch PS22 -02 kitWhen the Bosch PS22 arrived, I popped open the box to find the drill driver, belt clip, tool holder, drill bits and extension,2 batteries and a charger to be resting in a small tool bag. The drill was very compact.  I picked it up and it felt perfect in the hand.

The drill driver sits high in the tang of my hand and my index finger rests on the side of the tool body very comfortably. This, like my CXS, is designed for comfort. The tool has an LED work light, however it is just above the trigger and can on occasion, be blocked my finger when it slips downwards. Not a big deal, just a casual observation. A good remedy (you know….aside from moving my meaty claw) would be to mount the LED around the chuck.

How the Bosch PS22 performs driving screws

The drill rests upright on its battery well enough but can topple if shaken lightly and not sitting flat. The balance of the tool is honestly superb. Like my CXS, it’s a joy to drill with and I honestly think Bosch has underestimated the torque listed. I used it recently to drive some 4″ deck screws deeply into a wall through a large clamp rack I had just built out of double butted 3/4″ sheathing. The little drill did this quickly and without any effort – more torque = less work, and the Bosch PS22 has plenty of it.

Bosch PS22-02 with my Hilti CXSI have noted that I have been using the Bosch PS22 next to the CXS, setting it up for pre drilling and driving GRK’s with no problems. Being able to set up on one drill for pre-drilling, then having another set up to drive screws has been quite wonderful and has increased my productivity.

I did attach the bit holder to the rear of the tool and this does make the driver a little bit longer in the body but I find that use a myriad of different screws as I switch to GRK from Spax screws or even the occasional pocket screw. Having the ability to have onboard bit storage is always a benefit for me.

This past weekend the little guy was being used in the disassembly of a pellet stove and its subsequent reassembly. The driver performed flawlessly. Interestingly enough, I came into the possession of the new Hilti 12v Kit back in December.  Great set but not great enough to compete with my Bosch PS22 and CXS combo and I sold the Hilti.

Final thoughts on my Bosch PS22 -02 12 V Max EC Brushless Two-Speed Pocket Driver

Bosch PS22-02 compared to the Hilti CXSI love my Bosch PS22 -02 driver. The fit and finish is superb. The chuck performs as it should. It has plenty of power especially for the assembly work I’ve been using it for and the torque is more than enough for the variety of jobs I have used it for. I’ve now had this driver for several months, it is my go to tool and I felt after this time in the shop (I got it this past Autumn) I could give an honest opinion of the Bosch PS22-02 EC driver.

Some Bosch PS22-02 stats from the Bosch Tools website;

  • 180 in-lbs torque (I tactually think it is higher)
  • 2 speeds
  • No Load RPM 0-400 / 0-1,300
  • 20 clutch settings plus drill
  • 1/4″ hex chuck.
  • weight: 1.6 lbs
  • High-torque setting for driving; high-speed drilling setting
  • Only a 5.3 In. head length for tight work spaces
  • Belt clip
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8 comments on “BTP Review: Bosch PS22 -02 Brushless Drill Driver

  1. Brian

    Thanks for taking the time to post up a great review, it’s nice that you have had it for several months and are able to see what it was capable of doing. I thought I didn’t need anymore 12 volt Bosch tools, but after reading your review, you have put these 12 volt tools higher on my wish list,
    Thanks Chris

  2. Charlie

    I’m curious though – it seems like 12V is great for small applications, but for anything that takes more time, wouldn’t having an 18V make more sense? I keep seeing these more compact drills, and I love the size, but I worry that less size means less power and less run time. Any advice on that?

  3. David

    I’ve been seeing more and more 12v drills around YouTube and Instagram. What’s with that? Is it just that it is compact? With clutch on a low setting, an 18v can handle delicate fastening applications without damaging your work piece so why have 12v drills? Someone feel free to enlighten me.

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