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The Bosch Brushless 1/4 In. and 1/2 In. Socket-Ready Impact Driver – Two Tools in One

Review by austin
Bosch Impact Driver 25618

Bosch Impact Driver 25618

Bosch Impact Driver IDH 182The Bosch Impact Driver IDH 182 is a tool I just upgraded to. I have been using the Bosch 25618 for the past three years and it has been a great Bosch impact. When I bought the impact it had the best specs available on the market at the time. With technology changing almost daily this was no longer the case with the old 25618. I recently had an opportunity to get the newest and best brushless impact driver that Bosch offers, the IDH182. I was very excited to use it being a brushless tool and hearing all the hype behind the brushless tools. This is the first brushless Bosch Impact Driver tool that I have owed or even used, so here are the details.

First Impressions of the IDH 182 Bosch Impact Driver

Bosch Impact Driver IDH182 balances nicely.The first impressions on it are very nice. Ergonomics are key to an impact driver being the right tool. The handle feels smaller than the old model which makes it sit in my hand more comfortably. It also feels lighter than the old model and overall it’s smaller except in length, more on that later. With a 4AH battery this Bosch impact driver feels very balanced and easy to use when driving any type of fastener.


The Bosch Impact Driver IDH 182 is Feature Rich

This Bosch brushless impact driver is great when it comes to features. One of the first things you notice is the 3 LED lights which lights up anything you are working on with no shadows. There is a button at the base to turn the light totally off if you want but the best part is that the light stays on! When releasing the button the light stays on for about 5 seconds which is very helpful compared to the old model which only comes on when squeezing the trigger.

Next to the light button there is a torque setting button. Honestly I did not think I would use this feature but I was wrong about that. The button has 3 settings, low, medium, and high. Most of the time I have it in high but for a lot of little hardware items the low and medium settings are perfect. The lower settings allow for more control of the torque which has a lot of benefits when going at older screws that may be torn apart by higher torque.

The Bosch Impact Driver is Actually Two tools in One

One other feature the IDH 182 Bosch Impact Driver has, and one I have mixed feelings about, is the combo 1/2″ square 1/4″ hex driver head. I think its great innovation and for people switching between the two applications a lot. But I hardly ever use the 1/2″ square driver. The times I do use it I would be perfectly fine using a 1/2″ adapter. If Bosch offered a 1/4″ hex drive only I would prefer that. Also I feel like a 1/4″hex only version could make it a little shorter which would be shorter than the previous model but because of the combo drive, it is just slightly longer. Not saying this feature is a bad thing, props to Bosch for the innovation, I do wish they offered a few options for it though.

On the job with the Bosch Impact Driver IDH 182

Bosch Impact Driver IDH 182 in action. Now all these features are great but the main thing that this brushless Bosch impact driver does is drive screws and it does it very well. I haven’t used the Dewalt impact driver or the Milwaukee impact driver, so I cannot comment on the Bosch’s performance against these competitors. But in my experience, it’s fast and powerful and doesn’t let me down.

It has no problems driving anything I have screwed in yet. The response on this Bosch impact driver drill is pretty much instant, it will put in screws as fast as you can load them on the impact. Like its predecessor lags are also no problem and as seen in this video it does it just a little bit better than the old one. The EC brushless Bosch impact driver is one of my most used tools now, and more often than not, the first tool that I grab on the job site. At the end of the day, the IDH 182 brushless impact driver from Bosch gets the job done quickly and with power to spare.

Bosch Impact Driver IDH 182 Video Comparison

Watch the video of my informal test of the brushless Bosch Impact Driver IDH 182 vs. the Bosch 25618.

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21 comments on “BTP Review: Bosch Impact Driver IDH182

  1. Brian

    Great review of the dual impact driver / wrench
    I am really liking it so far, and as you mentioned, light and very ergonomic in the hands.
    As well as yourself, I to use it with the 4 ah battery packs,

    Funny thing I also just bought another kit from Bosch, it comes with the older impact you mentioned, 25618 and I do notice a difference in the speed and power,

    Thanks for taking the time to give us a great review of a very good impact driver / wrench

    Anyone looking for a great tool for driving and using with sockets, don’t hesitate IDH182

  2. Éric

    Good review. I am a huge fan of that impact. It retired my old impact and has not been put away in months – I use it too often to have it out of arm’s reach

  3. Jeff

    a quick question regarding using a socket. i know that with driving screws you loose some power when using a longer driver bit because of the bit absorbing some of the energy generated by the tool. did you notice anything like that with the nut driver with the shank compared to the socket being directly attached to the new brushless tool

  4. Jon

    Great testimonial for the IDH182. My business partner has a couple of them..I agree that they are a nice. The grip is a bit too thin for my liking though.

  5. ebrahem

    I wish I had a laptop so I can review some of the tools I have. @jkirk I don’t think it loses power for nuts and bolts I use impact rated sockets makes a huge diffrent on taking big bolts on the car

  6. Boyd

    My brushless drill/driver has an annoying lag but this impact does not, Another note to mention with this impact is you can’t use 1″ bits in it. You have to use a bit holder for them and some bit holders do not lock in to the chuck properly, Other than that I love mine and it’s my ‘go to’ impact.

  7. Eric

    Great review!

    Has anyone had trouble removing 1/2″ sockets from their IDH182? I’m struggling with mine and I’m scared I’m going to break it.

  8. Charlie

    Thanks for the review! About a year and a half ago I was shopping for a new drill combo set, and was vacillating so much between the DeWalt and Bosch sets. I ended up going with DeWalt, but only because of the ergonomics – I am so glad Bosch changed their handles! Now I just need my drills to die, so I “have” to replace them 🙂

  9. Tony

    Love the review! I received one of these impact drivers as a donation when my shop got robbed. I have to say I would pay full price for this impact driver any day! The power is great and its very comfortable to use. Thinking of replacing my Ryobi drill with a bosch!

  10. Benjamin

    Absolutely agree with everything you’ve said, the IDH182 is an amazing impact. Honestly it’s so well designed that Bosch hasn’t needed to upgrade to a newer model. It’s the most compact body on the market and amazingly ergonomic! From ratcheting delicate screws to the 1/2 socket ready mine sees full action.

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