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It takes real men to wear a utility kilt

Review by: Journeyman

Real men do wear work kilts. Our pro member Journeyman showing us his work kiltI got married in one, now I wear a work kilt to work every day. Being a Scotsman now living in Canada it has to be said, even though I love Canada I am still proud of my Scottish heritage. I’ve now lived in Ontario for some 15 years or so and married to a fine Canadian gal. When I moved here … although I came with very little … however I did pack my formal Scottish Kilt, in fact I got married in it.

Now I will take you back a good few years to Dunfermile, Scotland … 1981 to be precise … I worked on a new building site for Barrett Construction, building what was then homes that were worth a quarter of a million Pounds. Soon after some of the houses were occupied, the home owners started to landscape their gardens. Many brought in local Landscape experts and this is where my story begins.

One such expert arrived on site dressed for work in the heavy boots, waxed jacket, etc., but what set him apart was the fact he was wearing his work kilt. Many of the lads working with me laughed, however the idea of wearing a work kilt never left me.

A Work Kilt – No Way, But It’s My Way

Now fast forward to me now being in Canada and somewhere, somehow I remember seeing the advert for Blaklader Glasgow work kilt … it may have been online, it may have been in a magazine that I don’t remember and I thought “one day I’m going to have one of those work kilts” and by god that day has come.

So when the parcel arrived it took me all of 3 mins to get the work kilt out the box (taking time to take a few photos) and wrap it around me to see if it fitted. Right away I noticed the comfort of the work kilt and how good it felt to be wearing it. Now is that just my Scottishness telling me that … I don’t know … but I did, no sooner did I have this utility kilt on, than I was out the door making a presence to water the garden in it.Glasgow work Kilt example of a utility kilt. Construction kilt image courtesy of Partdeal.com.

Glasgow Work Kilt Review

So … to the work kilt itself … first thing you notice is how well it’s put together with double stitching to the pockets and waist band. Double set’s of buttons at the waist band give you that security of knowing the kilt will not drop off at the first load of screws or nails you pack in to those pouches. The pockets are many, two well positioned at the back of this utility kilt gives lots of room for say … a 6 inch square … which I had in my pocket yesterday at work. Two pockets and the front as well where you would normally find your pockets in your pants or work jeans.

Then again to the front we have 5 additional utility pouches for screws and nails etc. one of those divided in to 2 for folding knives or similar. Staying with pouches … on the left hand side we have two more smaller pockets both with the ability to close over, one with a Velcro flap and the other with a  press stud fastener. Swinging around to the right we have the wooden foot rule pocket and another for the pencils.Our member Journeyman shows off his work kilt. And NO he is not going commando with this utlity kilt.

This may not sound important to you if you have never owned a work kilt  … there are 13 pleats at the back … this fact is what makes it a work kilt and not a skirt … you can see why I would add this factoid … right? Five heavily stitched belt loops around the waist band 3 of those double stitched for that extra holding power.

I also had my wife run her eye over the work kilt, she’s the seamstress in the family and she reported to me that much of the stitching is chain stitched, again that gives the garment the durability needed for work on a construction site.  Durability seems to have been uppermost in Blaklader’s mind when producing this work kilt.  I have no doubt about this because of Blaklader’s expertise in the denim construction work gear market.  The cotton denim construction here seems very rugged, tested over two cold and wet days, the kilt was warm to wear.  I also noticed that much of the mud that splattered on to it was easily brushed off after it dried.

The Finer Details of the Glasgow Work Kilt

A couple of really minor points to list, one spotted by my good lady.  She commented that although the pleats are chain stitched she would have like to have seen them finished off with what she called a triple lock, from what I see these are double locked. I have worn the work kilt two days and already one of those pleat ends needs to be re-sewn.  It’s more than likely that getting in and out of the truck and my big behind was putting strain on those poor threads.

Next, again a minor fault and it may just be the newness of wearing the Blaklader work kilt … normally with you go to replace your hammer in your hammer loop you can do it without thinking … with the position of the loop on the work kilt I found myself having to look for it every time as it’s placed more to the rear and not the side. Something that may change the more I wear the utility kilt and get used to where it is.

 Final Thoughts on Blaklader’s Work Kilt

So summing up the work kilt I have to say I would give 9.5 out of 10 , anyone who has enough bottle to wear one on the jobsite or even out and about it’s a must have just like all the other Blacklader accessories.  And for those wondering, No I did not go commando, to save the blushes of my workmate Kevin (and our clients). Jockey’s for me on workdays to save all from Marilyn Monroe moments.

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7 comments on “BTP Review: Blaklader Glasgow Work Kilt

  1. Brian

    Great review of a great product, nice to hear that you are happy with the quality of Blaklader, because of your review, and positive input from other members here on BTP, I will definitely be looking into the pants and or shorts.

    Plus the positive customer service from Blaklader,

  2. Frank

    Great review Merv. Good to see that you have a sense of humour about it also. Even though you say “it’s a must have” I’m not sure I could sport the Glasgow.

  3. Kevin

    Great review Mervyn. I may get one myself.

    I spoke with Blaklader Canada not long ago about the work kilt. It sells well, and there is no thoughts of it being delisted.

    I did remark to them that it should be made in tartan though. Lol!

  4. Kevin

    I just got one and wore it for the first time yesterday. If you’re gonna do a lot of squating, this is the trick. I think I’m gonna be wearing it a lot more than I thought. You just mo

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