BTP & Bosch Helmet Stickers and T-Shirts

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Helmet stickers and t-shirts finally available on BeThePro.com

BTP & Bosch helmet sticker and BTP window cling set.The long awaited Bosch helmet stickers, BeThePro.com helmet stickers and t-shirts are finally on the awards list.  We know they have been requested for some time so we wanted to make sure that everyone knew that they are finally available for points redemption.

The community has spoken and we responded with these construction jobsite friendly Bosch helmet stickers, BTP stickers, window clings and t-shirts.  The t-shirts sport the slogan “Where The Pros Go To Know” on the back and come is a light grey (which hides dirt).  We have ordered a good amount of 2X and 3X sizes so our more husky members will feel comfortable in their support of the community they help build with their knowledge and discussions.

BTP t-shirt back.              BeThePro t-shirt front.

The BTP window cling is a bit larger than the Bosch helmet stickers and BTP stickers.  Designed to be proudly displayed on your truck or pickup.  Now they won’t get you any discounts but they will let all your crew members know where you go to Be The Pro.

We hope that all of our members will redeem some points for the sticker kits and t-shirts and spread the word about BTP to their trade brethren (and sisteren – I think that’s a word).  We hope you like them.

Here’s a link to the awards list.  The BTP & Bosch helmet stickers (2 ea.) and BTP window cling (1 ea.) can be had for only 10,000 points.  The BeThePro.com t-shirt goes for a very reasonable 15,000 points.  Sizes are limited so please ask before ordering by sending an email to points at bethepro.com.

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11 comments on “BTP & Bosch Helmet Stickers and T-Shirts

  1. Brian

    I will have to get myself one of them T-shirts , great way to spread the word, BTP is a great site , plenty of wealth of knowladge and experience people in the trades.

  2. Chad

    For those of us “husky” members the shirts are a great fit. Mine is a 3x and fits me perfect (6’8″ and 300lb), I usually require a tall but this shirt is long enough for me. So no worries about the shirt not fitting.

  3. Frank

    I ordered a Tee and I’ve just got confirmation that it is at home waiting for me. ThanX BTP, can’t wait to check it out.
    Jim threw some stickers in my last redemption and I have already stuck a couple on my L-BOXX4.

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