Bosch GCL 2-160 Review: One of the Best Laser Levels I Have Used

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Construction Grade Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser with Plumb Points Lives Up to Claims

Review by: rangerboat

Best laser levels Bosch GCL 2-160 in its case.This Bosch GCL 2-160 laser is probably one of the best laser levels in the mid-priced range that I have used. I was selected to provide laser level reviews of this complementary cross line laser level for Bosch Tools because I’ve had experience using a line lasers for several years now.

Best laser levels package

I can’t say that I’ve owned the best laser levels in the past.  But I’ve owned several other construction lasers that came in soft side cases to house the laser level tool. IMHO, soft sides don’t completely protect the sensitive laser line instrument.  When I opened the Bosch laser level box I was very happy to see that the GCL 2-160 comes in a nice plastic case perfect protecting the Bosch laser device for those unexpected drops and easy portability.

Best laser levels Bosch GCL 2-160 on site.This self-leveling cross-line laser from Bosch has all the major features of higher priced laser levels with an exceptionally bright laser for indoors.  In fact, for indoors it is certainly a choice to be considered for one of the best laser levels under normal construction site and remodeling light levels.  One of the best features is the vertical plumb points that can be actuated and used together with your horizontals and verticals.  This makes it convenient to set a reference point and work knowing you are always “spot on”.  Not sure if they call it a plumb laser, but they should, because this is one of the most useful features,

I was surprised to see the accuracy, even from 50 feet.  I hang cable ladder rack in military telecommunications facilities and they hold hundreds of pounds, the GCL 2-160 Bosch line laser level worked great with its strong magnetic mount keeping everything level throughout the length of the facility.

Great additional Bosch laser level features

Best laser levels Bosch GCL 2-160 in use with magnetic mount.Besides coming with magnetic mount this laser level also comes with a clamp mount and is tripod (not included) mountable with two different size screws: 1/4-20 or 5/8-11. When operating in manual mode (no self-leveling) this Bosch professional grade cross-line laser level is great because it can be set at any angle for hanging a handrail on the stairs.  Another feature that is great to have is that this device is IP54 rated which means limited protection against dust and protection against low pressure water.  Overall I rate this device as one of the best construction laser levels I have used.  DefinitelyBest laser levels Bosch GCL 2-160 in use with stand. give it five stars for ease of laser level operation, mounting options, feature set, and overall line laser usability for getting the job done right.

Even though I was given this line laser from Bosch, I would still have bought one as it is that useful.  Just wanted to make sure readers know that I was asked to review this unit by Bosch, as I am a part of their pro tool testers group.

To learn more about the Bosch GCL 2-160, visit the product page here.

Or watch the video on the complete set of features the GCL 2-160 offers.

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  1. Brian

    Nice review and write up, some good information about this laser, I bought the GLL2 earlier this year, it’s a good inexpensive laser, but only 30 feet capability,
    Thanks for the review.

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