BTP Review: Bosch Flexiclick Review – Bosch 12V Max 5-in-1 System is a Winner

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A Carpenter’s Review of the Bosch 12V Max Flexiclick™ 5-in-1 System (GSR12v-140FCB22)

By Dan Pattison (woodman_412)

Bosch Flexiclick review: The Bosch gsr12v-140fcb22 12V Max drill driver kitThis is my Bosch FlexiClick Review for the Bosch 12V 5-in-1 drill driver system.  Bosch sent the kit out to me before it was available for sale so I could put it to work and test it out in exchange for an honest review.

In the world of 12 volt cordless drills and drivers, the Bosch Flexiclick 12V Max 5-in-1 multi drill is like a Swiss Army knife.  With its multiple functions and attachments, it makes for a very versatile 12V cordless tool.  As a professional cabinet maker and finish carpenter, I was very excited to get my hands on the Flexiclick since it’s a perfect fit for my work.  I have tried to provide a Bosch FlexiClick review that details its features as well as how it works in everyday use as a finish carpenter and cabinet maker.

Bosch Flexiclick Review: Features & Specs

You can find a thorough a rundown of all of the detailed specification numbers of the Bosch Flexiclick 12V Max drill/driver system (GSR12V-140FCB22) easily on the Bosch Website, but with 265 in/lbs of torque and a weight of only 1.8 lbs, the Bosch Flexiclick 12V drill driver does have a good power to weight ratio.  This is key when you work in close-in carpentry applications.

While I was preparing my Bosch FlexiClick review I found the body and grip of the Flexiclick 12V drillBosch Flexiclick review PS31 comparison driver are pretty much identical to the older Bosch PS31, so it is built on Bosch’s existing cordless 12V drill architecture but does not include a brushless motor.  This is probably due to the fact that the FlexiClick has been available in the European market for some time.  Bosch does make a number of brushless 12V drills, such as the PS22 ¼ In. Hex 12V Max Burshless Drill Driver and the PS32 3/8 In. 12V Max Brushless Drill/driver, which are both excellent choices in 12V tools.

Bosch Flexiclick review one click interface detail.Bosch calls the attachment mounting system their ‘One-Click interface’, and in my Bosch Flexclick review I found it to be quick and easy to use.  You simply line up the mounting points, push the head on and turn the locking ring until you hear a click and see the indicator in the locked position.  It’s that simple.

Bosch Flexiclick Review: 5 Functions

Bosch calls the Flexiclick a 5-In-1 Drill/Driver System.  The 5 functions are reviewed as follows:

  1. Bosch Flexiclick review magnetic bit holder detail.The magnetic bit holder is built in to the front of the drill body. It uses just a magnetic hold so it works well for quick, basic driving tasks, as well as when you need to keep the head length as short as possible.  This bit holder is also what drives the hex drive shaft on the 4 attachment heads.  I found that the magnetic bit holder definitely has a strong hold on either drill bits or screwdriver bits.
  2. Bosch Flexiclick review 12V drill driver right angle attachmentThe right angle attachment is great at getting into tight spaces that the drill itself won’t fit into and will adjust to 16 different positions. Any of the other 3 attachments will also attach to the right angle head for increased versatility.  This is really useful for getting in to tight spaces and reaching behind blind corners.
  3. Bosch Flexiclick review keyless chuck detail.The keyless chuck is for normal drilling tasks. The chuck has a 3/8″ capacity so it will handle most light to medium duty drilling jobs.  The keyless chuck on the Bosch Flexiclick 12V multi drill (GSR12v-140FCB22) is definitely heavy duty enough for most applications and is really easy to use.  It has a solid feel to it.
  4. Bosch Flexiclick review locking hex chuck attachmentThe locking hex chuck is used for standard driving bits. This is the attachment to use when the driving bit needs to be locked in rather than just using the magnetic holder.  I found in my review of the Flexiclick 12V drill driver that the locking hex chuck feature is really useful if I am using the Flexiclick drill driver as a dedicated tool for a specific size of drill bit or hex screwdriver bit.
  5. Bosch Flexiclick review offset attachment detailThe offset attachment is used when you need to drill or drive very close to an adjacent surface. In my Bosch FlexiClick review I found this to be the Flexiclick’s most unique and useful feature for carpenters, HVAC professionals and electricians. This feature, I feel, is the one that really sets the Bosch Flexiclick 12V drill driver  apart from most multi head drill/drivers. What I also really liked while doing my Bosch Flexiclick review was how the offset attachment can also be rotated to 16 different positions like the right angle attachment for the Flexiclick.

NOTE: The only alternatives that are even close to the Bosch FlexiClick on the market are either 12V dedicated right angle drills or 18V units that are much larger and bulkier.

Bosch Flexiclick Review: Using it for my cabinet making projects

Bosch Flexiclick review offset attachment cabinet making detail.I’ve been putting the Bosch Flexiclick 5-in-1 drill driver system to use both in the shop and on site.  It has proved to be a perfect fit for the type of finish carpentry and cabinet making work that I do and has impressed me with its versatility.  On site, I used it for screwing kitchen cabinet boxes together, fastening them to the wall, drilling for and installing hardware as well as installing the crown moulding.  The right angle and offset attachments are what really came in handy installing cabinets.

In the shop, I did my Bosch Flexiclick review by driving #10 x 3-1/2” screws into framing lumber as wellBosch Flexiclick review offset drill driving screws. as drilling with a 1” spade bit.  I used both the right angle and offset attachments in both of these tests and had no issues at all.  The attachments will drive and drill just as strong as the drill itself.  For more details and to see the Flexiclick in action, make sure you check out my full video review of the FlexiClick 12V 5-in-1 drill driver system.

Bosch Flexiclick Review: Conclusion

Whether you’re a professional carpenter, electrician, HVAC contractor or even a DIY homeowner looking to add a versatile12V drill driver kit to your existing collection of power drills, or looking for one drill to cover a wide variety of tasks, I think the Bosch 12V Max Flexiclick 5-in-1 system is definitely a winner.  With the right angle and offset attachments, it allows you to get into tight spaces that just aren’t possible with most other drills and drivers.  It’s those two attachments that I think really set the Flexiclick apart, and make it special.

Watch the video Bosch Flexiclick review I did while testing this multi-drill for Bosch.


To find out the specs and where to find the Bosch Flexiclick 12V Max 5-in-1 system is for sale in the US, click here.

If you are in Canada looking to purchase the Bosch GSR12V-140FCB22, click here.

You can learn more about me and check out my finish carpentry work, custom cabinetry projects or woodworking plans, click on over to DanPattison.com.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was supplied this tool from Bosch and did not purchase it.

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23 comments on “BTP Review: Bosch Flexiclick Review – Bosch 12V Max 5-in-1 System is a Winner

  1. Brian

    Congratulations on getting the Flexi click system Dan,
    Great review, plenty of great features,
    Your video review was also a great way to see that little power house in action.
    Thanks for a complete review,

  2. Lon

    Great job covering this new tool to NA. I totally agree that having all the angles covered so to speak in one tool is very convenient especially in cabinet making and installation. Thanks for the heads-up on this.

  3. Charlie

    Great review Dan.

    I’ve only looked at it in store, but it seems like one of the main downsides to this configuration is how easy it could be to lose the different heads. Did you find yourself looking around a bunch to try and find the next one you needed?

    Also, I’m wondering if the 5-in-1 system is more efficient, or just more cost effective than having a few different drills with various bits on them?

    1. Dan

      Thanks Charlie. I keep the whole FlexiClick kit in my L-Boxx2 that I have other 12V drivers and drilling accessories in so all the pieces are always together. I never found it was an issue trying to find any of the heads because of that. I could see it being a problem if they were just thrown into a toolbox though.

      For something like drilling and driving at the same time like I showed in the review when I was installing the drawer front brackets, two separate drills is definitely more efficient and is what I usually use. Having said that if you can only have one drill or only need one drill then the FlexiClick is the way to go.

  4. Benjamin

    Thanks again for such another great in depth review. What a great system I do agree it’s odd they didn’t choose to release the brushless version. With the exception of the offset bit I have the PS31Driver and various other 12V’s which still function as new a decade later. Definitely see the benefit of this tool and you spelled it out perfectly.

  5. Mikey

    I have been really interested in others thoughts on these tools. I am looking forward to getting a chance to try it out. I have really liked the 12V line from Makita.

  6. Jason

    Great review! Thanks. I want one now…. I have the brushless drill, driver and impact. I never use the impact as when I need power I’m going to my fast 18v impacts. But my drill and hex-driver get used every day. That off-set head would be really useful for me. It seems like I’m always installing small hardware on something in a corner on install projects.

  7. Rob

    Loving the flexiclick so far. Got it for a great deal and dont regret buying it at all. I cant beleive how much ive used the offset head and right angle head, not sure how i managed without them before.

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