Bosch Cordless Tools Use Advanced Li-Ion Technology

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Bosch Tools using the CORE18V™ Lithium-ion battery technology in its cordless tools represents a big advantage for power tool users

Bosch cordless tools using CORE18V batteries give you the power to perform.Bosch cordless tools using the company’s CORE18V™ Lithium-ion Battery deliver maximum power at minimal weight, an achievement that proves this lithium-ion battery’s claim as the best-built battery among leading competitors. Next-generation power cells allow CORE18V lithium-ion batteries to offer better performance than competitive a lithium-ion battery that has up to 24 percent more weight and up to 35 percent larger size.1 (1 vs DeWalt® FLEXVOLT® 6.0 Ah and Milwaukee® 9.0 Ah) The Bosch cordless tools using the CORE18V Lithium-ion Battery benefit from optimized cell technology and an improved power connector within the 10 high-density battery cells that ensure lower internal resistance. That means higher currents can be drawn from the battery pack over a longer period of time.

Bosch Cordless Tools offer Greater Lithium-ion Battery Performance, More Runtime

Bosch cordless tools deliver superior performance, no matter what the job is.Bosch has answered the need for stronger and longer-lasting battery performance in high-load applications where cordless tools have previously been unable to provide enough power and runtime. The Bosch CORE18V Lithium-ion Battery delivers up to 20 percent longer runtime than previous-generation Bosch 6.0 Ah batteries and up to 50 percent longer than 5.0 Ah cells in extreme applications for Bosch cordless tools.2 (2 Based on independent testing – Intertek 2016 – runtime 5.0 Ah and 6.0 Ah) Thanks to its advanced cell technology and power efficiency, the CORE18V battery can generate more current to finish jobs that other batteries can’t. In addition, it’s the most compact and lightweight high-power power tool battery available.3 (vs DeWalt® FLEXVOLT® 6.0 Ah and Milwaukee 9.0 Ah)

Bosch cordless tools using the CORE18V battery experience increased power and runtime, plus backward compatibility across the full Bosch power tool lineup.“Bosch looks at battery power from the user perspective. What do users want? They want greater power and more runtime in a compact size, which is what CORE18V Lithium-ion Batteries are all about,” said Theron Sherrod, product manager, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. “CORE18V represents a big piece of the Bosch effort to build end-to-end product systems that offer superior performance, no matter what the job is. Based on increased power and runtime, plus backward compatibility across the full power tool lineup, we feel this is a step beyond battery power systems that are currently available.”

CoolPack Advantage to Lithium-ion Battery Cells in Bosch Cordless Tools

The battery housing of Bosch CORE18V Lithium-ion Battery is designed to transfer more heat to the outer surface, resulting in up to 35 percent better Bosch cordless tools run at peak efficiency on Core18V batteries.cooling effect than previous CoolPack batteries and enhances the performance of Bosch cordless tools. The CoolPack 2.0 system employs a design that keeps the battery pack cooler for better runtime and longer life; updated CoolPack technology provides up to 135 percent longer battery life than batteries that don’t have CoolPack technology. In addition, this technology combined with reduced resistance and higher efficiency means that the battery is less likely to overheat during high-load applications.

Bosch CORE18V lithium-ion batteries provide 100 percent compatibility with all 18-volt Bosch cordless tools and chargers. Bosch is developing high-power tools to take full advantage of the CORE18V power advantage.  There is free upgrade to the existing CCS180 18V circular saw which requires a new handle fix (at no cost from Bosch) to accommodate the CORE18V battery.  New Bosch CCS180 18V circular saws on the market in mid 2017 should all have the upgraded handle that fits the CORE18V 6.3 Ah Li-Ion battery.

Bosch cordless tools with CORE18V Technology

Bosch has started to pair combo kits and chargers with the CORE18V technology.  For a full lineup of the available tools and charger kits for Bosch cordless tools using the CORE18V batteries, click here.

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16 comments on “Bosch Cordless Tools Use Advanced Li-Ion Technology

  1. Alex

    Great information in this article. the new core sounds it’s loaded with a ton of power. Some members are very happy with their Core. I can’t wait to get mine and give it a test run.

  2. Brian

    I happy Bosch came up with this battery pack,
    They have a great competitive battery against the other manufacturers, but a smaller footprint and looks like more powerful
    I’m looking forward to being able to try one out eventually
    Hopefully this will be the beginning of putting out more powerful tools that can benefit from this core battery

    I have been using the Bosch cordless since 2005 and always thought Bosch has done a great job with the batteries they produce, I am confident this one will be great

    I’m looking forward to seeing more from Bosch

  3. Carmel

    This looks great. I am all in favour of anything that is cordless. The amount of time I have managed to entwine cables with my step ladder and had a fair few new missses!

  4. Benjamin

    Best battery by far, with constant use my Core battery didn’t need to be recharged for 5 months on my IDH182 Brushless 1/2″ Impact Driver…just outstanding considering we use 15/16 bolts on most sites!

  5. Jason

    I’m loving the Core batteries I’ve invested in. For what they are, they’re really compact. Especially compared to what other brands are doing for high capacity. They’re making my tools run with noticeably more power and of course run time. I find that my team and I either use a Core or else a 2ah slim pack. My in-between size batteries are collecting dust.

  6. Rob

    Loving my new core batteries so far. I’ve had the same batteries from my 4 pc cordless kit for over 7 years. These batteries give my kit some extra ooomof, leading me to leave my corded tools in the trailer more often.

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