Bosch CES 2015:Day Three – Tool Innovation

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Bosch Tools Benefits From Bosch’s Global Technology Dominance

Bosch tool innovation - wireless charging for cordless power tools stole the CES2015 show.Today tool innovation will lead the way. The last two days at CES we were exploring all of the technology breakthroughs that Bosch has pioneered and how those technologies are being applied to automobile and home automation and monitoring systems. As one of our readers quipped “It’s amazing how tech from Bosch is all around us. Very cool as I knew they did sensors but I didn’t realize how many.“

While it is true that Bosch components and systems are virtually all around us, as contractors and remodellers, we want to see how that technology is being put to use for us. How is Bosch’s new technology helping is be better at what we do and increase efficiency. At the end of the day, whiz bang is great, but if it doesn’t trickle down into solutions that make our life easier then what’s the point.

Bosch Leads Tool Innovation

Wireless Charging for Cordless Power Tools

Bosch tool innovation in wireless charging is showcased by a Bosch Tools employee.The power tool market changed significantly several years ago with the introduction of more powerful cordless tools. It seems every manufacturer scrambled to get a wireless lineup. Some succeeded, some have tried but not made the “Contractor“ grade.

Power tools are constantly evolving, but few breakthroughs actually prove themselves more than gimmickery to take advantage of the latest trend.

Bosch tool innovation for wireless technology was one of the new tool technologies showcased at CES2015This is why Bosch’s latest tool innovation centering on wireless charging for cordless power tools has been such an extraordinary development. Induction charging is not new, it has been around for some time. Employed mostly by smart phones and ceramic stove tops. But no one had done much with it beyond that until Bosch announced Cordless Power Tool Wireless Charging in 2014.

Wireless charging means you never have to remove the battery from the tool. Wireless charging means never running out of juice as you are able to continuously charge the battery throughout the day without having to take a break to recharge.

Here’s what one contractor who has been using it had to say,  “It seemed to work quickly, even more so than traditional chargers used for power tools. It isn’t just a gimmick, this feature is for real and should enable me to cut back on needless down time.”


Bosch has gone one step further and developed to convenient docking station innovations that make it eay to stay charged wherever you are. The docking cage allows for a no lining up pins experience, as you simply set the tool down on the charging plate and the cage keeps the tool aligned perfectly. The Holster is an even more exciting development, in that it can be wired to be used on a cart, in a van or mounted on a workbench. Simply place the tool within the holster and it’s charging.

Bosch tool innovation for wireless charging - charging cage for power tools.   Bosch tool innovation includes a wireless charging holster that can mount almost anywhere.

Wireless charging isn’t the only tool innovation on the market today, but it is far and away the most useful technologies that will continue to increase efficiency for contractors using Bosch tools.

To learn more about wireless charging, visit http://www.boschtools.com/leadthecharge/Pages/index.html

Virtual Reality for Homeowners to Reduce Anxiety and Increase Accuracy

Lowes virtual reality project builder at the Bosch booth at CES2015

Lowes says that a majority of customer remodels are halted because owners can’t visualize or translate for a carpenter or contractor. Enter the virtual reality option, which is now testing in Toronto.

Imagine if a homeowner actually could visualize their next kitchen or bath remodelling job before they ever hires a contractor. All professionals have desalt with customers who just plain didn’t think things out well enough and did not see the entire picture. This can lead to costly delays, budget overruns and in the worst cases, stoppage of work.

This is where a virtual reality tour of their new project gives customers added insight and are to better help the contractor visualize exacty what they want.


3D Printing Gaining in Popularity for Makers

Dremel 3D Printer is a big hit at CES2015.With so much being made of the 3D printing market, it is easy to forget that the original „makers“ were, and still are tradesmen. Dremel, a divison of Bosch has been steadily becoming THE name in entry level 3D printing machines for makers. Dremel, who are best known for the Dremel Rotary Tool, have released their own 3D Idea Builder printer.

Dremel 3D Printer key specs.

The fact that over 25 million people worldwide participate in online communities regarding the 3D printing topic should tell you something about the scope of where things are headed. Dremel has made a commitment to innovating, and the Idea Builder is probably the farthest Dremel has gone away for the traditional tools market. But it is also very much in line with their tradition of serving ‘builders“ and ‘makers“.

3D printing opens up a whole other world for creative types. The 3D CAD based software that accompanies the printer is easy to learn and use, making it even more accessible.

Examples of projects completed with the Dremel 3D Idea Maker Printer,

Dremel 3D printer - Pi cup example.     Dremel Idea Builder 3D printer - wonky vase.     Dremel 3D Printing - Puzzle hook.

As more craftsmen learn about the capabilities of 3D Printing there will undoubtedly be more and more uses for it not only as a gimmick but for real world applications.

For instance, printing out replacement parts. We all know that shrouds and guards can often be a source of frustration, as they can get cracked and broken over time. Being able to print your own replacement would eliminate delivery charges as well as delays.

Another instance that BeThePro.com members have suggested in using a 3D printer to print off i-BOXX storage compartments in custom configurations. This would allow an infinite number of storage configurations.


Bosch CES 2015 Is Changing Perceptions in Tool Innovation

Bosch innovations extend into almost everyones life.So while #CES2015 is now history, the message is clear for Bosch . Tool innovation is their heritage and leading the charge of new technologies that can make work easier, safer and more efficient is how Bosch will differentiate themselves from their competitors. While most manufacturers will make only cosmetic changes, Bosch believes that engineering excellence means more than slapping a new color on a tool. It means understanding how tradespeople and craftsmen use tools and how a tool should be responsive to their needs. It is with this mission that Bosch Tools seems to have tasked itself with, and from the looks of it they are succeeding.

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  1. John S

    Whoa – it seems like the ability to offer your customer a virtual reality tour of their house post-your completed work could be a really great way to “get the deal”. Definitely interesting innovation!

  2. robotmaster5379

    I don’t know how I feel about the wireless charging. It seems like very unnecessary technology. Usually when I am working, I grab another battery off the charger but want to keep using the tool. Saving the step of snapping the battery into a charger, I don’t see much benefit. Anyone else have a view on this?

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