Bosch CES 2015: Day Two – Bosch Innovations

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Day Two @CES2015 for Bosch Brings Consumers Closer to Technology

CES 2015 is in full swing and that means that the really cool tools and technology are starting to get unveiled. At Bethepro.com we love tools and construction, but we also love knowing what new technology is out there. @CES2015, the world’s premier event to showcase technology, is the perfect place for companies such as Bosch to unveil new technologies and also remind consumers of how much Bosch innovations are becoming a part of their lives every day.

Let’s explore what the future is going to look like.

Bosch’s eBike System

Bosch innovation at CES2015 - eBike SystemsThe world may be obsessed with cars, but most of the world still uses bicycles to get around. Bosch is trying to make a greener and healthier alternative to driving. The eBike system allows riders to go farther and faster than ever before while maximizing their energy output and efficiency. At CES2015 Bosch is showcasing this technology that has been embraced by bike manufacturers such as Cannondale, Giant, Raleigh and over 50 others. Read more about Bosch innovations in bicycle technology here: http://www.bosch-ebike.de/en/home/home.html

Bosch has set up a test track at CES2015 to allow users to get a real experience of the eBike system.


Bosch Home Connect

Bosch Home Connect at CES2015For the first time in the US Bosch is showing off it’s Home Connect Technology that allows effortless control of multiple household appliances securely through a single app on a smartphone or tablet. Imagine being able to seamlessy have remote control over home appliances, including ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers as well as built-in, fully automatic coffee machines. As the Internet of Things becomes more the norm than the exception, Bosch innovations are leading the way with cutting edge solutions. http://www.asmag.com/SMAhome/index.aspx?id=3275


Futuristic Technologies are Reality at Bosch

Bosch innovations includes driver assist systems.A car that drives itself? Google has gotten a lot of press about their driverless car. But Bosch is developing technologies that are already making assisted driving a reality. Their sensors and technology from Bosch innovations are driving a revolution in the automotive and appliances world that will soon be available in many new vehicles and home goods.



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5 comments on “Bosch CES 2015: Day Two – Bosch Innovations

  1. Christopher

    Wow, great job at @CES2015 this year! Really excited to see the eBike in person or more of it in the coming year. The Bosch Home Connect is pretty wild! Maybe this sort of technology will work it’s way into Power Tools at some point.

    1. Christopher

      For the Power Tools it could be that all your tools appear on your smart phone with the serials and manuals etc. It could go further down the road and provide charge times, performance data etc.

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