Bosch CES 2015: Day One

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Invented for Life Personified by Bosch at CES2015


Bosch CES 2015 is going to be one to remember.  Normally we here at BeThePro.com are completely focused on tools and jobsite technology that we sometimes miss some of the engineering that is shaping the future.  Bosch has been a terrific sponsor of the site so it is only fitting that we show off the technology that almost every one of uses daily without even thinking or knowing that there’s Bosch Inside.

Bosch is a premier exhibitor at CES 2015. Bosch Tools is part of the engineering braintrust that has made Bosch a brand universally recognized for excellence in innovation in whichever products and technology they produce. You can follow their CES activities using #BoschCES or #BoschGlobal.

Bosch CES 2015 is a showcase for Bosch’s high powered lineup of new technologies that are setting the trends for several industries, including wireless charging for power tools and Smart Home systems that connect home appliances and systems to a centrally managed dashboard. In addition, Bosch is also announcing it’s buyout of Siemens 50% share for its Home Products division.

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CBS News has named Bosch as one of the trendsetters to watch in the Internet of Things (IoT). Bosch has teamed up with Lowes to sell a cloud based smarthome system caled Iris.

BoschCES Chairman Struth addresses CES at press conference. Mr. Werner Struth, Chairman Robert Bosch LLC. NA, kicked off the Bosch CES 2015 press conference on Monday. It is significant that the chairman has made the trip from Germany to address the press. Bosch‘s press conference was attended by over 150 media professionals.


Mr. Struth is highlighting Bosch’s technology innovations. 50% of all smartphones have Bosch sensors installed. According to Struth, almost every vehicle on the road Bosch sensor equipped.

“It’s amazing how #ConnectedLiving has revolutionized virtually everything we do.” Struth remarked during his 45 minute presentation for the media. Bosch has taken the lead in producing smart sensors for nearly every application. Learn More about Connected Living and how Bsch is at the leading edge of the connectedness revolution here.


Bosch has developed the world’s first miniature combo sensor that can measure gas, temperature and pressure. Check out the video below of how this 3mm x 3mm sensor makes a picture of the Mona Lisa change based on the environmental factors.




CES2015-Bosch-automated-drivingBosch is also showcasing its technology that allows a car to drive itself during traffic jams. For more on Bosch’s driving software, click here. To see more about the technology’s coverage at CES, click here.







BoschCES 2015 Dremel 3d Printer is highlighted in Chairman Struth's speech.Struth also mentioned Dremel’s entrance into the 3D printing world. Allowing for anyone to be able to design and print almost anything they design. Below is a compilation of #CES2015 3D Printing exhibitors.





Day One is come to a close but there are plenty of more innovations to be unveiled on Day two.

Be sure to follow Bosch’s CES activities with their hashtag #BoschCES, #CES2015 and #BoschGlobal.

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5 comments on “Bosch CES 2015: Day One

  1. Brad

    It’s amazing how tech from Bosch is all around us. Very cool as I knew they did sensors but I didn’t realize how many.

    That dremel 3D printer is VERY cool.

  2. Lon

    Bosch’s reach is amazing. The key to success is evolving and it is obvious Bosch is preparing itself to be a key player in the world’s evolution of technology.

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