Blaklader Concrete: Tough gear for tough folks

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Blaklader is right at home at the World of Concrete 2017

Blaklader concrete work gear on display at WOC2017.When I think of Blaklader concrete comes to mind.  Maybe it’s because so may of our forum members rave about their X1600 pants that they redeem for, or maybe its because after being at their booth @WOC2017 that their gear is as tough as the concrete guys I met there.

Their booth was basically a pop up store.  And good thing because the pro’s were buying.  Well laid out, the booth made you feel like you were at a retail store and not the middle of the Las Vegas Convention Center parking lot.

Blaklader concrete pants hang

One of the perennial favorites at the Blacklader booth is the pants hang.  The concept is simple.  You have fallen off your scaffolding and somehow your pants are the only thing between you and dropping 20 stories (that and your harness) and you have 2 minutes until you get rescued.  Participants see if they can hang from their X1600 pants for 2 minutes and they win their own pair.  Needless to say, but only gymnastic iron cross rings champions need apply here, but there are always a lot of takers and it’s fun to watch the ego’s deflate when they realize it is much harder than it appears.

What makes Blaklader concrete gear? Marcus Carlberg of course.

Marcus Carlberg is a unique individual.  You see, Marcus is the President of Blaklader North America.  But you wouldn’t know it from the way he works the show.  You’d think he was the director of sales, or marketing or product.  I say this because Marcus is all things Blaklader.  He knows every stitch in every garment they sell.  He knows where every fabric comes from and he knows how to sell his gear to concrete guys (and gals).

Well, it really isn’t selling because Blaklader is like a cult to the concrete crowd.  Blaklader concrete work wear is definitely the choice of many of those in attendance at WOC2017, particularly for those competing in the Bricklayer 500.  The folks gathered at their booth, which was constantly overflowing, didn’t need to be sold.  Many already had their B-Gear on and were interested in seeing what was new for 2017 from Blaklader.

Marcus was more than happy to walk us through his 2017 lineup including their Blaklader Cordura Demin fabric pants.  Cordura lasts 4X longer than normal work gear fabrics according to Marcus.  This is the same Cordura that lines the pockets and the pant leg bottoms of the X1600 pants.

Another cool addition is the black on black version of the X1600 pant.  Typically it was always black and grey, but this year they have switched it up and added a new combination.  In addition, they have added a waterproof jacket, which is also cut lower in the back to avoid concrete crack I suppose.

Hi Vis is now in stock at Blaklader.  They have a great selection of pants, jackets and vests all in hi vis and all with the legendary quality that Blaklader concrete gear delivers.

Marcus also showed us the 4940 Knitted Jacket that was actually pretty stylish for work gear.  I could definitely see a company wanting to embroider these for their field folks

My own Blaklader pair

The Blaklader concrete work gear X1600 work pant with Cordura lined pockets. My new goto for work pants.As a bonus, I received my first pair of Blaklader X16000 pants while at the show.  I have to say, these are one of the most useful garments I own.  They are a bit heavy, but I want that.  I have worn them several times while doing a few of my more nasty chores and can say the sheer amount of pockets (and where they are placed) makes these indispensable.  They have plenty of room for someone who may not be an Olympic gymnast and they are tough.  I really like them and have worn them to a few jobsites where of course I definitely got asked about them.

Blaklader is a sponsor of BTP and we are very proud to have partnered with the toughest concrete gear in the marketplace.  Thanks to Marcus and his entire staff for being so supportive.

To view the entire line of Blaklader concrete work gear, click here.


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5 comments on “Blaklader Concrete: Tough gear for tough folks

  1. Brian

    Great review and information about Blakläder,
    First time I came to hear about them is by joining BTP forums. Plenty of members wear them and talk very highly about the products.
    I was fortunate to have redeemed for two items, the stretch belt, and the black winter hat. Oh and a baseball cap, all very impressive material and very nicely made.

    I will definitely like to try out a pair of the pants eventually.

    I am liking the new black on black 1600 pants, and those two new coats the 4940 knitted jacket, and the new light grey coat.

  2. Alex

    Very nice article about blaklader from WOC.
    I was at the booth myself and tried on several pants.
    I finally figured out what size I need and it’s definitely not the size I usually wear haha.
    The X1600 are some heavy duty pants but very comfortable.
    Just too bad that Blaklader NA doesn’t sell the X1500 Shorts. I would have grabbed 2 pair of those ones.

  3. Benjamin

    So curious about the sizing, wish these were available as an instore purchase! Had to return a heated jacket because it was oversized. Really would like to wear these while working they just seem to be the answer to work pants!

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