BeThePro Wins the CMA’s Star Award for the Best Building and Construction Forums

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BeThePro.com earns the Superstar Award for Best Building and Construction Forums from the Construction Marketing Association (CMA)

BeThePro wins the CMA Superstar award for Best Building and Construction Forums

BeThePro Wins The 2015 CMA Star Awards

Who’s the Best Building and Construction Forums winner – BeThePro.com. Who says so, the Construction Marketing Assn. (CMA), that’s who.

Every year the CMA recognizes marketing excellence in the construction industry with its annual STAR™ Awards. This year the CMA decided to add an additional construction marketing Star™ award in its Internet Marketing category for Best Community. BeThePro.com won the highest honors among the voting and walked away with the coveted Superstar award.

The BeThePro.com community was originally launched in 2011 and featured more than a dozen Pros from all different construction and remodeling trades sharing information, stories and knowledge about the construction industry and remodeling work.   The contractor oriented content is what helped the sponsor supported site gain in popularity among Pros who had been on other forums and now wanted a place for serious discussions of projects, techniques and of course power tools.

Today the site boasts being the 2nd most active building and construction forum by number of posts compared to the over 20 building and construction forums sampled.   A tally of over 325,000 posts and 9600+ members does not make it the largest forum by any means. ContractorTalk.com hovers near 100K+ member and over 2 million posts. But for true construction professionals including general contractors, concrete contractors, carpenters, framers, plumbers, metalworkers, electricians, floor installers, roofers and remodeling contractors, the BeThePro.com site has been the place to go when a Pro needs to know.

The forum has undergone a few changes from its original form, but has stayed true to its mission to create a truly unique community online where knowledge is the common currency for admission. At present nearly 95% of all content is user submitted. This includes How To’s, Tool Reviews and of course loads of questions being answered by Pro’s who live it and breath it every day. The site even has its own Tool Testers Club that has been an invaluable resource for the Sponsors to get real construction industry professionals to give them feedback on tools and work gear.

BeThePro wins the CMA Superstar Internet Marketing: Community award for Best Building and Construction Forums“This award from the CMA belongs to the BeThePro community. They are the ones who decide what the site is with their content, discussions and loyalty” says Jim Lillig, community manager for the site. “Like a jobsite, there is a certain amount of proving up to make sure you belong. Once you share your professional knowledge, then you are one of the crew.”

BeThePro is unique in that it offers its verified members points in exchange for activities such as submitting videos and pictures along with content for the site. Members also earn points by referring members as well as starting and responding to topic threads. The site has multiple moderators that keep a watchful eye for any “spammy” behavior or non-Pros that might not be contributing quality content. The community is akin to a work crew where everyone looks out for one another and gets along despite individual differences.

Members can redeem points for hundreds of power tools, accessories, work gear and other items the sponsors provide. To date over 83 million points have been awarded, over 51 million have been redeemed. The CMA even offers its Handbook for Construction Marketing as a redeemable award.

BeThePro wins the CMA Superstar award for Best Building and Construction ForumsThe CMA STAR awards recognize excellence in 16 marketing categories and 78 sub-categories including advertising, branding, website design, online community, social media, brochures, catalogs, new product launches, packaging, photography, promotions, publicity, merchandising, trade shows, videos, employee communications and integrated marketing campaigns, along with the CONSTRUCTON MARKETER OF THE YEAR™. Neil M. Brown, CMA chairman explains “The CMA STAR Awards showcase the very best in marketing, effectiveness and creative execution.”

To learn more or to join one of the best building and construction forums online, click here.

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BeThePro.com is a construction industry information source for professionals working in the North American market. It provides access to how-to, best practices and best new materials details from experts in a variety of disciplines. The site is sponsored by leading construction manufacturers

10 comments on “BeThePro Wins the CMA’s Star Award for the Best Building and Construction Forums

  1. Brian

    I have been a member here for over a year, and picked up some sound advice from other pros, either on projects, or information about different techniques. Plus good advice on tools as well, anyone looking for help, this would be a great source, plus I have had the opportunity to see and hear about different construction methods from all over the globe.
    Thanks to Jim and also the moderators who managed this forum, great place.
    Congratulations to BTP

  2. Jim

    Congrats to everyone involved with running the forum and adding content to the forum! Thank you Jim for all your hard work! What a great honor, for a great place to be a member!

  3. Lon

    This is well earned to say the least. Congrats to Jim and those behind the scenes that make this site valuable to so many. It is also testament to the great members of the forum who continuallt offer sage advice and opinions.

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