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Our site is growing at an amazing rate and we want to make sure that we can answer any of your questions.  Whether you’re new to the site or if you visit multiple times per day, this is the place to find an answer to all your questions.

What is Be the Pro?  –  Be the Pro (or BTP as we like to call it) is simply a place for construction professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest construction news, discuss with other pros in our Pro Forum and read full-length articles written by staff members and Guest Pros.

Who owns Be the Pro?  –  We know it sounds cheesy, but we like to think that all our visitors own BTP.  Without each of you visiting the site and reading and posting on the forum, the site wouldn’t exist.  This probably didn’t answer your question though.  BTP is supported by our sponsors who give their time, products and money to make sure that the site can continue to serve the needs of all construction professionals.

Can I trust this site?  –  We don’t blame you for asking this question.  We know trust is important, which is why we keep our Privacy Policy updated.  We also don’t let just anyone post on the site.  True, anyone can post on the forum, but we have an amazing group of moderators who will make sure that spammers and salesmen are warned and removed if necessary.  We have very strict rules for the Pro Forum.  The site is sponsored by specific companies and every once in a while we will post about their products, but we try keep it to a minimum.  We also permit discussions about any brand – whether they sponsor the site or compete with a brand who sponsors the site.  If you have any questions you can email the BTP staff at bethepro@bethepro.com.

Can I post even if I don’t know a lot about construction?  –  BTP is open to everyone.  We are geared towards the construction professional and providing valuable content for their projects, but we want everyone to feel comfortable on BTP.  If you don’t know much about construction, then we ask that you simply read and learn from others.  Click here to read the most recent forum posts or here to read our most recent articles.  If you’re a novice-level DIYer and want to ask a question for our construction pros, you can do so on our Ask a Pro sub-forum.

What is the Pro Forum?  –  The Pro Forum is the fancy name we use to describe our forum.  This is where all our members learn and share with each other.  We’d love for you to join.  Click here to register and start discussing tools, construction materials, project tips or simply shoot the breeze with fellow contractors, all while earning points!

*  What is this “points” thing?  –  Access to our Pro Community Rewards is one of the benefits of joining the Pro Forum.  You earn points for various actions on the site (including posting on the forum, making a comment on an article, etc.) and you can redeem them for prizes that our sponsors provide to us for free.  Click here for everything you need to know about this “points” thing.

How can I contact the site administrators?  –  BTP is managed by BeThePro Staff.  You can send send a private message if you’re a forum member or email Be the Pro Staff at bethepro@bethepro.com.

Who moderates the forum?  –  The forum is moderated by the site admins and select members.  You can see the entire list of moderators here.   Moderators also have a tag under their profile picture that says “Moderator”.  The site admins choose the moderators based on their level of participation and if they’re respected by other members.

How should I start posting if I’m new to the site?  –  First of all, we’re so happy that you decided to join and that you want to actively post on the forum!  All our members love seeing new faces on the forum.  We recommend that you first introduce yourself on the Introduce Yourself sub-forum.  Our forum is very relationship-based and this will help everyone get to know you better.  Our members pride themselves on creating a friendly and open environment where you can feel free to share your construction experience.  Before you post elsewhere on the forum, we’d recommend that you spend some time searching through the forum to see if there’s been any previous discussion on the topic.  If so, you should read through all the posts and then add your thoughts to the discussion.  If a topic doesn’t already exist, then feel free to create one and get the conversation started.

Where can I make suggestions for improvement to the site?  –  You can request changes to the site on the Forum Improvements topic.  We’re always looking for new ways to improve the site and we appreciate it when members tell us how we can make the site better – especially because we want this to be an enjoyable site with features that make your visit and overall experience better.  Unfortunately, we do have a small staff, which means that changes might take a little while.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the suggestions everyone makes and try to prioritize them.

This list didn’t answer my question – what should I do now?  –  If it’s a question that can be answered by another member, please ask it on the BTP Tricks and Tips forum topic.  If it’s a more specific question, please email us at bethepro@bethepro.com.  This is an evolving FAQ list so yours might be an important question that we simply overlooked and needs to be added.

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