13 Best Practices For Controlling Remodeling Dust

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Remodeling dust control:

With all the TV shows empowering home owners to independently take on remodeling projects and a home improvement retailer in practically every shopping center, there’s a definite allure to attempt these home improvements without professional assistance.

A good dust-control strategy is essential to keeping your customers happy throughout a remodeling project.  There’s nothing worse than getting that fine construction dust in parts of the house that are not being remodeled. Remodeling dust is a pain to prevent, collect and clean, not to mention there may be health concerns to worry about.

This is even a bigger concern with today’s recent lead dust containment regulations. If you live in a pre-1978 house, dust created during remodeling from lead-based paint is another worry that can lead to remodeling health risks.

Best practices for dust containment:

If you’re planning a dusty remodeling project consider taking the time to prepare a dust-containment system.  Dust containment falls into two general categories:

  1. Protecting floors
  2. Confining dust to the work area.

This is often the area where contractors are penny wise and pound foolish. Time spent here is time and money saved later during clean up, or worse, paying someone else to clean an oriental rug!

I have developed strategies and researched the BEST methods to control remodeling dust.   Click here to read 13 Tips on Remodeling Dust Control Best Practices

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