Aging in Place Remodeling

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Aging in Place Remodeling Checklist

Let’s face it, we’re all going to get old. Our pets, cars, gadgets and houses are going to become old and outdated. That’s just how life works and there’s no point in fighting it. An AARP survey earlier this year found 33% of adults ages 45 and up have made changes to their current home to stay there longer

The idea behind Aging in Place Remodeling— making changes to a home to accommodate an aging resident — is not new. But the idea is getting increased attention as the USA’s 76 million Baby Boomers grow older. Many folks can’t afford to move or just plain and simple don’t want to.  Many older homes are not friendly to older folk so remodeling with aging in place features in mind is becomming more and more popular. With more and more people realizing this, most homeowners are staying home and “aging in place.” And with the increase of homeowners staying home, many are turning to remodeling in order to increase accessibility and appeal.

In 2009 the National Association of Home Builders found that such design features as step-free entrances, levered door handles instead of knobs, electrical outlets higher from the floor and enough clearance in kitchens and washrooms for wheelchairs were becoming commonplace in new home construction and remodeling jobs.

Subtle Changes That Make A Difference:

Whenever I do a remodel, like a bathroom, I always suggest some of the aging-in-place products and making the doors a little wider, putting grab bars in showers.

When it comes to remodeling, kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular rooms to remodel in order to achieve easy accessibility and comfort. Yet with more people staying put, homeowners want to welcome others with open family areas where everyone can spend time together, and family-friendly houses that allow every room to be used on a regular basis.

When staying at home, Aging in Place Remodeling  may seem inevitable. In order to keep your house in tip top shape, you will need to make upgrades here and there for optimum efficiency. Usually when one starts a remodeling project, it begins at the heart of the home: the kitchen. But we all know that once your kitchen remodel in finished, then remodeling will eventually make its way to other rooms of your home.

Aging in Place Remodeling Checklist:

With age, our sight, hearing, and mobility will decrease in performance which can make it difficult to get around your home. For wheelchair users, hallways may be too narrow and counters too high. Thanks to NAHB, a remodeling checklist has been created in order for you to achieve optimum Aging In Place accessibility in your home.

All of our body functions may decrease in performance as we age, but that doesn’t mean our house should.  Aging in Place Remodeling and renovating is the anti-aging treatment for your home. So while you’re still young and able to function properly, it’s time to get a move on and start remodeling!

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3 comments on “Aging in Place Remodeling

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  2. Stefan Carlson

    I firmly believe this segment of remodeling will continue to grow but, I will also say the baby boomer generation is one of the hardest to reach with marketing. They are so overly saturated with media telling them that they are “old” and need help that it is to hard to determine who is telling the truth or who just wants their money. I don’t think this will change until our culture as of now starts to show value in our elders. I see this daily being 21 and talking to customers, I have to push through those barriers and show them things that really make a difference in their everyday life because if not, it seems like some punk kid just wants their money. This has become a growing passion of mine and as a company we hope we can start to change the culture and start to value our elders like they should be valued.

    1. Tom King

      Keep at it. Sometimes, it helps to have a Realtor explain the pros and cons. We have a growing baby boomer population living in midcentury homes in the older neighborhoods, and property values in those areas have gone up tremendously, making it a great decision to do aging in place remodeling.

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