9 Jobsite Dust Control Tips

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Dust Containment At The Jobsite

Job Site Dust Control Tips

One of the challenges with remodeling is working in someone’s house, and usually while they are still living in the house.  I find remodeling work challenging and rewarding, but the homeowner often finds the remodeling process annoying and a serious cramp to their lifestyle.

Remodeling dust is big homeowner annoyance during remodeling projects, especially dust from plaster.

Have A Dust Plan

When remodeling, you should be taking precautions to prevent dust from spreading to other areas of the home. Dust inevitably finds its way beyond the remodeling area and settles on all horizontal surfaces and duct work.

There is nothing worse than seeing remodeling dust settle on a black baby grand piano two rooms away. A good dust control strategy is essential to keeping your Job Site Dust Control Tipscustomer happy (or significant other during a DIY or remodeling project).

9 Dust Control Tips

1. In the work area, look for ways air can enter and leave the room. This would include sealing off doors, windows, air vents and any other openings. Take steps to control or block the openings.

2. Designate one doorway to be your main entryway to the room. Using thin plastic sheeting to seal off all the other areas you identified in step one except for exterior windows.

Read my 7 other tips to help keep dust where it belongs.

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7 comments on “9 Jobsite Dust Control Tips

  1. Ben

    A friend of mine uses several air purifiers when doing remodel work and I noticed a huge difference. With three of the commercial grade air purifiers running, we did not have any dust floating in the air during the demo of a bathroom.

  2. Kurt

    The Kett vacuum saw is the best ghing I have found for dust control. When hooked to the hepa vac, it captures almost all the dust. Great for remodekx and dustless cuts.

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