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    I just finished preparing my Christmas cards for my clients.

    Do you guys send out Christmas, winter holiday or New Years cards to your clients?

    Not all of us have a marketing or advertising budget. Many times it’s tough to make your small business stand out.

    I always tell my fellow contractors that it’s super important to get face time with customers. Face time might be a well timed card, a holiday card, a postcard or simply a seasonal email. I recently wrote about some low cost marketing tips on my site: http://www.aconcordcarpenter.com/2010/06/low-cost-marketing.html

    What did I miss in the article?

    Which strategies do you employ to market yourself?

    Be honest . . . do you think its a bunch of crap, waste of money or worthwhile?

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    with a very small/non-existant marketing budget, i want to make sure that I get the most for my money. what would you recommend as the method that provides the most bang for your buck?

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    I think anyone getting anything in the mail today is a win. Most people anticipate most company correspondence to be via email, so yes, sending a card is a great way to “stand out”.


    I thought for sure you guys would have some tips to share???? No?

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    Rob, #’s 3 and 8 are more and more handy, especially when working with subcontractors. It is easier and cheaper than ever to have a stack of business cards to personally hand to someone who can put it in their wallet, and they can reference it later. It’s doubly helpful if you have a web site address on your card that they can look at later with pictures of past projects. Most homeowners never have a problem with posting a picture of your work. Also, if you create a QR code that can be scanned by smartphones, it will point people out and about to your site quickly. Do a google search for ‘create free QR code’ for help.

    Wish I had the time and budget to hand-write cards for past clients. That is a great touch.

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    Almost forgot to mention that it would help to put yourself in potential clients’ shoes. If YOU we’re to look for a Pro and had never used one before, where would you start? Craigslist, Angie’s List, Local newspaper, yellow pages, cork board at local Home Depot? As long as the cost isn’t prohibitive, a combination of all of them and other avenues would work for you.


    Great points Gents ~ keep em coming!!!!


    Great points Gents ~ keep em coming!!!!

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    I send out an email just before Christmas every year to all my clients and suppliers which serves as a reminder that I’m still here and a thank-you for the business over the past year. I got some replies back this year from clients that had mentioned future projects before but the Christmas email jogged their memory and they followed up on the project.

    I also find that a free ad on Kijiji works great in directing people to my website that are looking for the services that I provide.



    Tell me more about Kijiji ?

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    Kijiji is similar to Craigslist. It’s like an online classifieds site for selling things or offering services. I’ve found that it’s good for people finding me and directing them to my website. The best part is it’s free. He’s my Kijiji ad.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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