Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Carbide Drill Bit Sweepstakes

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Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Carbide Drill Bits

Carbide Drill Bits

Drilling in concrete is a tough job and doing it right requires tough carbide drill bits, like the Bulldog™ Xtreme rotary hammer bits from Bosch. Bosch Bulldog™ Xtreme bits are hard-hitting solid-head carbide – precise, 4x life in concrete with rebar vs. any other bit. The Bosch diffusion bonding process ensures a superior steel/carbide combination in their carbide drill bits. That’s what gives Bulldog™ Xtreme bits superior strength and a solid-carbide head that won’t break off when the work gets tough.

Xtreme Means High-Strength Carbide Drill Bits

Bulldog™ Xtreme bits are built around a solid-head carbide design that lasts longer than competitive offerings in rebar while providing faster drilling speed combined with precision.  And this performance comes with less carbide wear.

Bosch utilizes a proprietary diffusion-bonding technology, a high-heat, high-pressure solid state welding process, to ensure a superior steel/carbide combination. This gives Bulldog™ Xtreme carbide drill bits superior strength and a solid-carbide head that won’t break off when the work gets tough in any concrete or aggregate application.

Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Carbide Drill Bit

A centric conical tip guides the carbide drill bit and results in rounder holes, which is particularly important when setting anchors or fasteners.  A wear mark alerts the user when the bit has worn to a level where it’s no longer precise.  The overall flute design of the bit enhances dust removal, reduces operating temperatures and reduces bit stress in concrete and rebar.  Carbide drill bit sizes range from 3/16” to 1 1/8” diameter.

Bosch Bulldog™ Xtreme bits do more than simply drill holes in all kinds of concrete.  They’re the only carbide drill bits optimized for the newest generation of Bosch Bulldog™ rotary hammers, so they optimize the user’s entire drilling system.  They’re longer lasting, stronger and faster than the previous generation of bits. Bulldog™ bits make a strong contribution to a concrete drilling system that’s as precise as it is tough with its carbide drill bits.  Read out what Pro Forum members had to say when asked about their favorite concrete and carbide drill bits.

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